Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Struggle Continues

Lily and Jessie are texting about possible plans for the day. So far we've reached an agreement that they will come here and we'll decide and we'll probably end up going to a local farm where there are animals and a corn maze and I don't know what.
I should stay here and work in the garden and medicate my chickens but whatever.

I slept real good.

I don't think it helped much.

I'm not sure it helped at all.


  1. There's a huge rally here this morning that I'm considering going to, but I don't have a babysitter for Sophie, so I just don't think I can.

  2. It sure does continue. My heartbreak now is for the hate that keeps rearing its head. For those that are getting the brunt of it. It's too much.

  3. friend of mine posted a scene she witnesses...young black girl at the bus stop when a guy in a truck zooms up and stopped so quickly other drivers were braking, he threw eggs at her and yelled 'you black bitch, you gonna pay now!' my friend turned around in her car and went back to check on the young woman and several other people had stopped to help her as well but WTF.


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