Sunday, November 27, 2016


Another beautiful day in Lloyd and I think that Jessie and August and perhaps Lily and Maggie and the boys may come out to play.
Maybe. Perhaps. Eventually.
The toys are looking sad and lonely in the Glen Den and I keep walking past the little walker in the hallway thinking, "Well, time to put that back upstairs." All the babies are walking on their own now.
How does time pass so quickly?
Why do the babies grow so fast?

Mr. Moon plans to work on his boat trailer which has been out of commission since last June. Meanwhile, he is researching his cars for work on his computer in the kitchen. I made a huge breakfast and I doubt we'll need to eat again until tonight. I couldn't eat all of mine and gave the leftovers and some grits to the chickens so they have feasted as well. I should get out there and clean out the henhouse. The kitchen is cleaned up and the first load of clothes is hanging on the line. The weather app on my phone says we may get rain this week and I know I've mentioned this but it's big news around here. It is so dry and the azaleas and hydrangea are drooping and sad and the threat of wildfire is high. It's to the point where I can hardly imagine a rainy day but certainly would enjoy it.

And that's the news. Nothing and everything. The sun shines, the leaves are falling, the roosters crow, life goes on in Lloyd and perhaps where you are too.


  1. we got a good solid rain about a week ago. it's very windy out so I may just veg on the couch today even though I have much to do.

  2. It sounds like a charmed day. Hard to believe the babies are already walking! it wasn't so long ago we were watching our own babies take their first steps!


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