Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Let It Be So

Woke up this morning with a soul so much calmer that I'm not even the same person.
Blessings and miracles.

And today is the day. Now, I have to admit that I keep thinking about the election of 2000 when it took days (or was it weeks?) to figure out who the president was.
And, you know- some of us still haven't accepted that decision.
It was a horrible night. A nightmare of a night. I had two sets of relatives staying at my house and I know that one set had voted for Bush and the other wasn't talking. NO ONE was talking much and it was just the most uncomfortable situation and I kept escaping to the kitchen to quietly rant and rave to myself and I'd not want to relive that particular moment in time for anything.
So of course I'm hoping for a real and clear election result followed by Trump's concession but if this election has shown me anything, it's that anything can happen. Anything at all.

But. It's a beautiful day and Maggie's newest thing is that she can say "Uh-oh." And she uses it appropriately. Like, when something falls over. Or gets dropped. Check this out.

Is that the cutest thing you've ever seen?

I remember the day Lily told me she was pregnant with Owen. It was the day of Obama's inauguration. And it struck me with such joyful force that my grandson would grow up in a world where it would never be in question that an African American man could be president.
And what a president he has been. It's been one of the highlights of my life to have him and his family in the White House for eight years and I'll miss him forever.
My GOD, what a president! What a man, what a husband, what a father, what a leader for this country.
It is quite simply a different world than the world I grew up in because of him and I am so glad for that.
And I am hoping, I am believing, that my granddaughter (and my grandsons too, goddammit!) will never remember a time when it wasn't possible for a woman to be president.

Well. Gonna be a long day and a longer night.

Here's 17 minutes and 37 seconds of Bruce from a rally in Philadelphia last night. As much as I love listening to him sing and even though Thunder Road is and always will be my favorite song of his, the words he speaks after he plays it moved me with their plain truthfulness and quiet dignity more than anything I believe I've ever seen him do onstage.

I'm keeping the faith.
I'm loving the hope.
I'm with her because she's the right one and because this world never stops changing and it's her turn to make her good changes for all of us. And with all of us.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thank you for this cheerful and uplifting post. I've been close to despair this morning--not so much at the thought of Trump winning (although it's a terrifying prospect)--but at how much his candidacy has ruined my opinion of so very many people I know. Some are family members-my mother supports Trump and I'm so ashamed of her for it. I won't ever be able to forget all the ugliness this campaign has brought to the surface. :(

    1. I hear you. And I almost talked about that very thing here but I decided just to skip it. I am choosing to believe that this election has revealed a lot of truth as to what we truly believe and feel and it's far better to have that information than it is to pretend that we don't know. It's especially hard when that truth reveals what's in a loved one's heart but hell- it is what it is. And we can go high.

  2. I'm keeping busy and avoiding the TV and trying to maintain some serenity. I'll deal with the aftermath tomorrow.

  3. Amen, Ms. Moon, amen. Please don't let Florida be the big fuck up in this election again.....

  4. Yes indeed that is a cute little voice, with good brother Owen
    mouthing it along with her!

  5. Surely I'm not the only one who mouthed 'uh oh' along with Owen! What a sweet little magpie!!

  6. Owen's sweet face. Maggie for president! I hope we don't need Maggie to comment on the election result...

  7. Maggie is adorable. I hope she'll grow up in a world that can elect a women president of her country. I love you sister spirit


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