Monday, November 21, 2016

One More

Thank all of you so much for your words of sympathy last night.
I know that these birds of mine are "only" chickens and I EAT chickens but these were my chickens and to see their poor bodies with feathers surrounding them, so still and lifeless on the ground was heartbreaking.
I just feel terrible and it's like well- one more thing.
One more thing.
Life is already far more than I can handle at this point and last night it froze and I probably lost a bunch of my plants because we haven't brought them inside yet so there's another thing.
One more thing.
I wake up in the morning and I fight to stay asleep. I don't want to get up and go about my day.
Is Trump still the president-elect?
Well then, I'd just as soon stay asleep.
But the body will only take so much sleep and so I have to get up and every day it seems as if the news is worse and now there's the news that DT's wife will not even be moving into the White House because her son must stay in his private school in NYC and this is just an underlining to the fact that this man has no respect or love for our country. None at all.

One more thing.

And it's cold and I need to take a walk and I need to go to the store and I need to remember what a friend of mine said lately which is that life is fucking tough, doing nothing is easy, and achieving anything is difficult and we need to just be tough motherfuckers and try to get things done.

I've gone out to hang clothes and little Darla was outside the coop, trying to get in to her sister so I opened the door and she scooted in, she is fine. They are reunited.
At least that is one good thing.
And with that small cheering note to my day, I will go on.

What else is there to be done but get through one more day?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. *Hug*

    Those people never thought they'd be president - they're not cut out, they're not ready. This is no surprise. Think of the tax money they'll spend on securing two homes - and as Steven Colbert said, now it's going to grind NY to a standstill.

    I don't have an issue with her doing what's best for her son. I do have an issue with that arrogance of taking on the role of First Lady while refusing to commit to it.

    Maybe she just wants away from Donald and his horrible influence - maybe this is the son that'll be hers, not his!

  2. Aw jeez..I just saw the previous post. I am so sorry about the chickens. Like so many of your readers, I have really enjoyed their stories over the years. I am so sorry.

  3. On days like this, just take the next breath, and then the next. I love you, dear Mary.

  4. I can't think of a thing to say. Just sending my thoughts.

  5. Oh God, Mary. I'm so sorry. Fuck everything, it seems. Sending love from the PNW.

  6. I read somewhere that his son's tuition at his private school is $40,000 a year! Just one more instance of believing 'I'm above everyone and everything.' And some fools elected him President! PFFFFFTTT!

  7. On a blog I read a few days ago, the writer suggested that a lot of women are suffering from PTSD. All the horrible things he has said, and the distain he shows for women and yet he will be the president. Women who have suffered at the hands of men like yourself and many, many women feel this very acutely.
    I am so sorry about your chickens. My first thought was please, not the beautiful Otis. xx

  8. I'm so sorry about your chicken friends, what a horrible scene. You provide a wonderful life for them, better than most situations they'd have found themselves in, I'd think. It's heartbreaking that you lost them in this way. I hate that this happened at all, but especially when you are feeling so raw as it is.

    Yes to hugs from steady husbands.

  9. sometimes life just fucking sucks. well, not life so much but the situations we find ourselves in.

  10. That is exactly what we all have to do. We have to find the good things in the day to day. The Darlas being reunited with their sisters. The plants that don't freeze. The loyal spouses and loving children and grandchildren. The greens in the garden. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know and appreciate daily.


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