Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I am bouncing from anger to tears to resignation to "I wonder how you get ahold of heroin?"

I keep thinking, "We're screwed, we're screwed, we're screwed," we being the entire planet, human race, and all other races and species and minerals and flora and fauna and water, both sweet and salt, and my oak trees and babies and frogs and birds and cats and possums and chickens. Libraries and medical clinics, scientists and artists, museums and food stamps and WIC and yes, getting insurance even with a pre-existing condition. Supreme Courts helmed with minds who are neutral and true, rights for all of us whether black, white, yellow, red, brown, gay, straight, transgendered, bisexual, unsure, who cares, who gives a shit who you love because love is love and who cares where you were born? Women and girls and little boys and the differently abled and all of us and all of it.

"What kind of a world can we leave our children now?" I wailed and railed at my husband. He had no answers.

So. That's where I am now.
Where are you?

Let's try to get some sleep. We fucking need it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I felt safe and hopeful under Obama's watch. I don't feel safe or hopeful anymore. I am still filled with an anxiety that verges on panic if I let it. I try not to let it. My daughter is 15 weeks pregnant with my first grandchild. We have all been ecstatic, but now, I too feel the looming question of what are we bringing this child into? I can't begin to calm my child's fears because my own are so overwhelming.
    I guess the only thing to do right now is take it one day at a time. Try to keep our sense of humor 'cos ya know without it we will just go insane. Enjoy the good moments. And try not to project too far into the future because that path sure looks dark and bleak.
    Angie D

  2. As the plane hit the second tower on 9/11 I sat down and tearfully wrote a letter to my grandchildren, telling them how sorry I was that their world had changed drastically. But at this time, with that same gut-wrenching fear, I have no words.

  3. I have words. They're just not very comforting. Probably the same for you.

  4. Hi. I enjoy your blog.

    I've decided to be hopeful. Donald said anything to get elected but may not turn out as bad as we fear. His ego may want to prove his critics wrong and be could grow into the job, get some decent advisors and turn out a more moderate and more respectable president. If not, we have progressives in congress who can make him work hard and take up much of the next four years slowing/stopping him. We may look back on this time as a gift to get our act together, Donald can be a focus for reinvigorating the progressive movement with younger blood. Republicans need a transfusion of young leaders as well. The undereducated, underemployed who voted for Donald will no longer have Obama as a target and I'm hopeful the venom will be reduced as Donald fails to deliver.

    Mary in Maryland

  5. My pain continues to be about how the amount of gate and intolerance in our country was validated. I think Trump is a pig and is totally unfit. I am more fearful and saddened by the bolstering of his supporters views that his victory brings.

  6. I am sad, disheartened and ashamed of being surrounded by so many people who voted for hate. How in hell did I rub elbows with these people and not know? I am baffled.


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