Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reporting In

How are you, lovies? How's it going today? Did you sleep all right? Did you get out of bed this morning?
Are you ready to make peace with the world yet?
Me either, goddammit.
And I still can't collect my thoughts enough to write anything coherent but my thoughts aren't coherent either so there you go.
I need to gather them enough to focus though because I'm going to go get Maggie and then pick up Gibson from school so that Jason can get take Owen to get his head wired up for the 24-hour EEG.
Lily will be at work and so I have to get out into the world a little bit and I'm sure that's good for me but I'm feeling a little shaky at the thought.

Mr. Moon left for Georgia again about an hour ago. It's a very, very beautiful day and the sun is full out and I'm cold and I don't really have a damn thing to say.

Here. I'll dedicate this to President Obama and his family. That's the best I've got this morning.

The old boys singing the old blues which can make you cry and dance at the same time. Or, you know- shuffle your feet a little bit if you feel moved to do so.
Or not, as the case may be.
Personally, I just cried.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thinking of Owen and you. Hooray for the Stones! Sometimes art is the only valid reason I have for existing in this world. It is all that makes it worthwhile. That, and love. And I love the hell out of you.

  2. I'm getting there. Working through the grief stages, I think. Denial is the first one, followed by anger, I think...? I was definitely in the angry stage this morning. Strangely I'm more angry at the media than anything, for their failure to accurately suss out and report the mood of the electorate. This would not have been nearly as painful if I'd expected it -- if I'd been prepared.

    Mr. Moon may have the right idea -- march into the woods and away from it all!

  3. I'm in the same place as Steve and likely to stay here and wallow in it for awhile longer. At this point, I'm unable to watch the national news. Staying off Facebook helps. I didn't realize how obnoxious some of my FB friends could be. Anyway, have a nice day out in the world.

  4. I am sure not all right yet. When I woke up this morning I thought for a minute that it was a joke, but then it hit....he really is the President. All we can do is hope for an unexpected positive outcome, but that is so very doubtful....

  5. Is it denial to wonder if Putin, who admitted (crowed) this morning that he'd hacked wikileaks to help Trump win, might have somehow fucked with the results? Oh well. Conspiracy theories always were my thing. So now we have a president elect who was victorious in an election he insisted was rigged. I'm a little bit numb. Staring at the ceiling (yes, from my bed) then coming to. Denial. Disbelief. Steely eyed resolve. He better not fuck with me or mine. That's where I am. And I'm sad too. Sad that so many people don't think my children have a right to the American Dream. They say this win was about economics. But I'm not fooled. With the alt right running the Trump campaign and the KKK declaring Trump their candidate, practically levitating that at long last they had the megaphone, this was about race too. Making America great again is code for putting certain people back in their place or kicking them out altogether. And it was about gender, with a whole swath of folks who just couldn't fathom that the brightest, most committed, most prepared person in the room wasn't fit to lead because she was a woman. Yes, I believe that was a big part of the story. In short we're fucked up, we fucked up, and we fucked ourselves over, though I am daring to hope my fears about the candidate who prevailed might be overblown. Then again, that might be just another form of denial too. How am a I? I'm under the covers typing in your comment box on my phone while intermittently reading Elie Wiesel's heartbreaking book, Night.

  6. *WAS fit to lead.

    You know what I meant.

    Hugs, friend.

  7. I can't even listen to music this morning. I feel especially sick today -- it's really hitting me.

  8. I have to go back to work today. I'm not feeling quite as vulnerable and hurt as yesterday. I'm starting to get angry. And I tell you what: for the next four years, I'll do everything in my power to defend my values and my friends (immigrants, LGBTQ, people of color, the disabled) and to stand up and fight for what's right. I'll be damned if they'll have it easy if they choose to try to take our rights away. Rise up! Rise up! We won the popular vote, there are more of us than there are of them. As Hillary said: we're STRONGER TOGETHER!

  9. And I'll be thinking of sweet Owen today, hoping all goes well and that it's only purpose is maybe to spark a lifelong curiosity in him about such inquiries. That child with his loving heart will change our world.

  10. Not as numb as yesterday and trying to temper my rising anger. Trying so very hard to just take things one day at a time. If they succeed at dismantling ACA , I won't be able to retire next year as I planned. Can you imagine how many people with pre-existing conditions would be denied. Yeah, Im angry. Now to channel that anger to something that makes a difference. Much love to you.

  11. I'm giving it another go to see if blogger will finally allow me to post a comment....arrgh! and so that I don't have to jump over to email to tell you that I love you and agree with all you are thinking.
    First, I hope all goes well with Owen today. What a little trooper he is!
    Second, I am all over the map with my thoughts and emotions too, I think that's called shock.
    And third, no, I'm not ready to make peace with the world. The knowledge that such a large part of the population is crazy and blind to what is going to happen, makes my head spin.
    I hope this is a better day today for you, for me and for all of us.
    Love and peace.

  12. And then there's this (can't hurt to try, right?):

  13. I know it's only been a couple days and it feels dramatic to think, but I wonder that I'll ever be the same. The heartbreak I feel is akin to my first real love breaking up with me when I was 19, to my grandma dying, to how I expect to feel when my parents pass. I can't even listen to npr. Can't do Facebook. Can't read the news.

  14. not quite as numb as yesterday but still processing ......if that is EVEN possible. Did manage to sleep last night and that was helpful. I'm just trying to carry on and maintain and nurture my own sphere of life......all I feel capable of doing right now
    Hope Owens testing will turn out well.....and love to you all
    Susan M

  15. I feel sick and scared and unanchored. I'm unsure why I can't get my footing. Finally succumbed to my bed. Thinking of Owen.

  16. I drove to Austin this day to meet a friend and spirit sister, meeting face to face for the first time. besides spending 5 hours in the car (there and back) it was so wonderful to be wrapped in her strong loving embrace. it was like soaking in a warm bath.


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