Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Celebration

I am at about the point of true hysteria due to massive chaos and love and noise and energy all racketing around my kitchen, my house, my life, my heart in the last few hours.

Here are some pictures. 

Garden food.

Brotherly love.

 Pretty much sums it all up.

Boppy's cards.

Daddy's cards.

May and Michael and the homemade vanilla ice cream. 

At one point as we were eating, Gibson insisted that we all hold hands and repeat after him these words:
"Abacabooy. Abacazahm. I love you forever."

We did. 
We will. 

And why was Owen wearing his Christmas pajamas? 
Because his father said he could. 

Of course. 

Sleep. Now. Thank you. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Looks like a rollicking good time was had by all. It's so hot here in southern California that when I saw that Christmas suit I almost fainted.

  2. What a wonderful celebration of all the dads! I just love the picture of Owen and Maggie - such sweetness. And in a few days you'll be in Cuba!!!!

  3. Take a deep breath. You are on your way to an excellent adventure.

  4. They are very cool pyjamas, if I had pyjamas like that I would wear them on other social occasions. I love that !

  5. ya done good Ms Moon. great little family.

  6. Your posts keep making me tear up. So much love in your sweet family.
    Abacabooy. Abacazahm. I love you forever too.

  7. Oh my, Gibson's magical incantation is so powerful. What joy and connection in these pictures. So much love. It's beautiful to see.


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