Sunday, October 13, 2019

Watching The Wheels Go By

Well, things are almost back to normal here in Lloyd. Jessie brought the boys out this morning so they could see their Boppy, and Vergil could do his packing. He left this afternoon for two weeks in India. It sounds amazing and wonderful but in reality, almost every moment of his trip is going to be taken up in the work he's doing there. But, yes, it will be in India, not, oh, say Orlando, which is pretty cool.

The boys were so happy to see their grandfather and it was imperative that TV get watched IMMEDIATELY! Mr. Moon was taking a second too long to join them in the Glen Den and August raced in to the kitchen to tell him that he'd gotten his chair all ready for them. I'm not sure what that entailed but when I went in, this is what I saw.

"What am I going to do when you're too big to sit in my chair with me?" Boppy asked. 
"Oh, maybe I won't get too big and I'll still fit," said the boy. 
Can you just imagine a big old gangly teenager sitting with his grandfather in that chair one day? 
Levon likes to sit in his own chair. 

I made pancakes and bacon, and honestly there was not a whole lot of TV watching that went on. There were other things to do with Boppy outside which may have involved the tractor. I'm not sure. I was busy in the kitchen. 
We spent some time talking about what it's going to be like with Daddy gone. August asked Boppy if maybe he could help a little. 
"I think I can do that," said Mr. Moon. 
We're all going to pitch in and help. I feel so bad though that Glen and I are leaving a week from tomorrow, first to go to Mayo for his appointment and then, on Wednesday we'll be heading to Roseland to celebrate our thirty-fifth anniversary. Bad timing for sure. I know that Jessie will be fine. She's an extremely capable woman but she'll miss her husband. He's so good at getting the boys to bed and getting up with Levon who wakes up at what some might call an unreasonable hour.
It'll be okay but they sure are going to miss that good daddy. 

Owen and Gibson need to earn some money for the book fair and so they're coming over tomorrow (they don't have school) to do some work for me. I'm not sure what I'm going to have them doing but it may involve cleaning baseboards and the spindles on the stairs. And then we might all go to the river because soon it's going to be too cool for jumping in that icy water. 
It'll be good to see the big boys. I miss them. "My boys," as Maggie calls them. 

I had to run to town this afternoon to get some groceries. I'd run out of vegetables, mostly. When Mr. Moon left I bought a huge bag of "super greens" that I threw into almost every meal I made and I ate almost the entire bag. What's left is getting sort of funky. Last night we finished up the last of the  cauliflower and asparagus in the house. Do you ever wish they'd invent some different vegetables? You have your broccoli and your cauliflower, of course, and your tomatoes and your cucumbers and peppers. There are plenty of different greens to eat both cooked and raw. Green beans. Squashes. 
Peas and carrots. Haha! 
We go through onions and garlic like nobody's business. I get in such ruts. Sometimes I like to steam a big combination of vegetables, salt them, squeeze a bit of lemon juice on them and grate a little cheese over them. Long, long ago there used to be a restaurant in Tallahassee that served steamed vegetables and they were so good. Squash and potatoes and carrots and I don't even remember what all. I add green beans or asparagus, maybe some broccoli, onions, red peppers. I've also really been enjoying roasting vegetables in the oven with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. That's how I did the cauliflower and asparagus last night and I threw some halved cherry tomatoes in with them. Delicious! Added garlic is always a bonus. Maybe a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar which reduces as the vegetables cook. Balsamic vinegar is one of the best inventions ever as far as I'm concerned. 

I must be hungry. 

I wish I had something more interesting to talk about but the honest truth is- I do not. It's going to be a busy week and the next week is going to be, well, interesting. I'm trying not to get too anxious about what's going to happen at Mayo. I wonder if the supposed "best doctors" there will have some answers. I am grateful that after we leave there we will have the peace and the serenity of the river, the sweetness of time alone in the little cabana of my childhood dreams, and the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean which has been a sustainer of my soul since I was a little girl. Not to mention the beautiful pool with the spitting lions guarding each corner and the bamboo surrounding it all to make its own percussive music when the breeze picks up and feels like playing. 

You gotta hold on to something. Love and Roseland do it for me. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. so glad Mr Moon is home and all is well........ how is Jessie's diet going? August and Boppy are just too darned cute!
    I hear you regarding veggies........I mean, really? I just joined another local CSA program 3 weeks ago...... get a bi-weekly delivery of seasonal organic veggies and fruit.........beautiful quality but what do you do with a shitload of jalapeno's? (this past week) . I'm going to pickle them tomorrow. I find this veggies I don't usually to use and prepare them....and make the most of the bounty. Keeps me on my toes when I tire of cooking and planning. Can't wait for you to head to Roseland and I always love the spitting lions that have become so familiar
    Much love to all
    Susan M

    1. yes, forgot to send thoughts regarding Mr Moon's Mayo visit......... I hope something may be gleaned from that visit and that it may be good!

  2. I hope the doctors at the Mayo will have some insight into what's troubling Mr. Moon. As far as vegetables go, we really need some new species. I am just over ALL of them. Have fun in Roseland. I, too, am looking forward to pictures of the spitting lions.

  3. i also hope you all get some answers.

    sending positive vibes from the feral mitten-

  4. Yes, best wishes to Mr. M and his good diagnosing doctors.
    Little August certainly has his world planned; maybe Levon, too.
    And, I think there are enough vegetables in the world. Too much cook, cook, cook, to quote my niece. Paraphrase, actually. After a hike when she was very small, she announced Too Much Walk, Walk, Walk.

  5. That gangly teenage boy in the chair with his grandfather? I can see it so clearly.

  6. I join others in hoping Mr. Moon's docs can supply needed answers and I wish you a sweet time tomorrow with the big boys.

  7. You want vegetable variety? Come up north or head west to an area with a large Asian population and visit an Asian-run supermarket like H Mart (Korean), and you will find yourself in a produce museum. At least half a dozen varieties of cukes, bok choys, squashes, mushrooms-- all different sizes and shapes and colors-- not to mention the myriad leafy things you won't even know names for. And then there are all the fruits and roots!

  8. The picture of August and Glen is the sweetest image I have ever seen. Yet Levon seems perfectly happy in his little red chair.
    Glad to hear your other grandkids will be given the opportunity to earn money. That is an important lesson with reward.
    I send all good vibes for your husband at Mayo. And a wonderful repeat honeymoon.
    I read GOOD NEWS yesterday about a Florida man in Jupiter who picked up the lunch tab for nine schools in his area that has turned into a long reaching project to pick up the tab all year so no child has to go hungry all year. Andrew Levy is a real estate broker. I will be writing him a letter.

  9. This post made me so happy, filled with grandchildren and love and food. What could be better?

  10. You know, I live in the land of Mayo - just a short hour away from me. It is amazing but also not miraculous. I know people who have had positive outcomes and people who were left still searching for their diagnosis. I do know the company itself is fabulous and treats their employees wonderfully. I hope Mr Moon gets his diagnosis. I feel like he will.

  11. like everyone else I hope the visit to the Mayo Clinic produces good results. and yeah, vegetables...broccoli, green beans, asparagus, mixed greens. that seems to be all he cooks. we haven't had squash if forever. I may have to do some grocery shopping myself.

  12. I'm glad you have Roseland to look forward to, and to help pull you through the inevitable tensions and anxieties of the clinic visit. Of course I hope that goes well too and I'll be interested to hear what they have to say. Sometimes in England I feel like I'm subsisting on green peas all the time -- they're such a thing here. But of course we can get all the other veg too. At least until Brexit! LOL


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