Monday, October 21, 2019

And My Crown Is Back Where It Belongs

Well, we're here and we're safe and I'm exhausted and it's been a terribly long day.
We saw the doctor and there are some tests to be performed and that's about that.
Mayo is industrial medicine if there ever was such a thing and oh yes, there is. I feel like we're in the belly of the beast but here we are, aren't we?
Time to take an Ativan, then a shower, then get to bed where I am going to read a little.
We have to be back at the clinic at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

And so it goes.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I live in the shadow of another another industrial medical machine, Cleveland Clinic. I do owe my life to them; they got to me in time to save me from that massive stroke, ten years ago. For all the "industrial" flavor to the precision and administration, I only remember one employee who left kindness at the door.
    All the best to Mr. Moon, and may he be surrounded by kind and caring medical professionals.

  2. Yes, may they be kind and caring as Joanne said. Be kind to yourself too.

  3. You all take care. I know you're in good hands even if it does feel a bit industrial sometimes. Sending hugs and love to you both. ❤

  4. Just letting you know I’m here, sending love.

  5. Maybe I missed it but I don't know what is going on with Mr Moon. The way you refer to him - he sounds like such a fit and active fellow. I know that Mayo Clinics deal with a range of conditions so I am hoping that Glen's issue is not too dreadful.

    By the way, did your dentist manage to "slap the fucker back on"? You have such a way with words.

  6. I hope your ordeal is as painless as possible. it is an industrial machine but the machine has changed to be a little more comforting. somewhat. I'm thinking about my recent procedure. all the staff from aides to doctors were open and forthcoming and friendly and always made sure if you had any questions that they were answered. or maybe it's just the medical system I was in.

  7. Good luck with the Mayo. Here's to a benign diagnosis.


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