Thursday, October 3, 2019

A Little Stab'll Do Ya

There are the traditional cookies I've made for my man who is about to leave tomorrow on his insane road trip to Canada. I say insane because their first scheduled overnight stop is in NORTH DAKOTA! Do you have any idea how far North Dakota is from Florida?
No, neither do I but I have a feeling that it's a very long way. The three men plan to take turns sleeping and driving and if I believed in such things I'd give them all St. Christopher medals to wear on chains around their necks but of course I don't so I've just made cookies.
I told Jessie yesterday that I was going to make cookies today and August perked right up.
"Are you going to make a lot?" he asked.
"Yes," I said. "Are you thinking that I should make so many that there will be some for you to eat too?"
"YES!" he said.
You can learn a lot in four years. For example- extra cookies are never a problem. That's one of the things you can learn.

I've had a busy, busy day. I woke up feeling pretty darn good despite the fact that I'd had dreams wherein I'd stabbed at least three men to death. In my defense I will say that it only took one knife stab apiece. And I have no idea who these men were except that they were really, really bad guys trying to hurt me and a little boy who appeared to be my son.
Maybe I woke up feeling good because I HAD dreamed that I'd stabbed at least three men to death. Who knows?
But I took a nice walk and did more laundry and hung it out to dry and swept the kitchen and the hallway and then I drove to town where I stopped first at Costco. I was going to text Lily and Jessie to tell them that I was alone at Costco which made me feel somewhat guilty and also weird but before I could do that, I got a text from Jessie asking if I was at Costco because she and the boys had just pulled in and seen my car.
And so I joined them and they joined me and I have to tell you that it's a lot more fun at Costco when you're with a daughter and some grandkids. Or two daughters and even more grandkids. I had actually only gone to get a few things for Mr. Moon to take on his trip and honestly, I was almost ready to check out when Jessie got there but to hell with that. I re-wandered the store with them and we looked at toys and went into the coldy room and got samples and touched the crabs wrapped in their plastic, carefully rubbing the spiny bits because that's just so interesting. We discussed why they have spiny bits and why they have claws and Jessie and I made each other laugh and all-in-all it was a lot of fun and it was a nice little lagniappe that we met up there, unplanned.
Jessie said that when they were on their way to the store, August had asked if I would be there and Jessie had said that no, I wasn't always at Costco when they went.
Here's a picture I stole off the Facebook that Jessie posted yesterday of August and Levon.

You know I had to share that. 

So yes, Costco and then Publix where nothing really exciting happened. And home again and I made the cookies and got the clothes off the line and now I'm waiting for Mr. Moon to get home to make his supper. He will leave tomorrow morning. 
And although my kitchen smells deliciously of cookies with vanilla and pecans and chocolate chips and oatmeal, my back porch smells as if something has died under it which I suspect is exactly what happened. Yesterday I thought that it smelled like dog but today it more resembles...death. 
Could be anything. Possum, raccoon, rat, armadillo. And we will never know because ain't no one fixing to crawl under there and look. No way. Time and decomposition will eventually deal with the problem and I'll just have to tough it out. 

I HAVE to bring up Trump. The man is losing his shit as we speak. Did you see today where he asked China to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden? On camera? It's so pathetic. It's so weird. It's so self-destructive. It's so...Trumpian. And did you see yesterday where he asked a reporter, "Are you talkin' to me?" like he was Travis Bickle or something? Remember when Reagan used to tell stories about experiences that he'd had which turned out to actually be not real life experiences but ones he'd had as a character in some movie role? Hell, at least he had played the character. God. That poor president of Finland having to stand there acting as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. 
Ay-yi-yi. It would be funny if it weren't so damn humiliating and horrible and just plain terrifying. 

I have a lot more to say about all of this but luckily for you Mr. Moon is home. For his last home-cooked meal for a few days I'm going to make him some broiled snapper and fried green tomatoes along with leftover shrimp and grits which were, I have to say, amazing. 
It's going to be odd to have him gone for over a week but I figure I'll survive. 
I always do. 

See you tomorrow. Or, you know- I'll be checking in. It would be nice if I didn't have to stab anyone in my dreams tonight. I'll let you know how that goes. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. North Dakota?! that's at least a 12 hour drive. at least!

    Oh god Trump. and the republicans are still supporting him, some of them are even saying out loud they have no problem with what he said today. What .The. Fuck. All their lies and accusing Dems of everything they themselves are doing. This country is fucked up. and Trump is just off the rails. that poor president of Finland. the expressions on his face...can someone get me the hell out of here?

    1. I think it's thirty hours. At least according to Mr. Moon.
      The Republicans are master projectors. This strategy can only work for so long. I actually heard (but have not confirmed) that after the press conference, the Finnish pres turned to one of his aides and said, " He's out of it. Let's get out."

  2. The president of Finland did want the hell outa there, but he was a tough gamer, and I think on some level he must have enjoyed it. Just thing, he can tell his grandkids, I was there for Trump's endgame. Running out of cards and pieces.

    1. Running out of cards and pieces for sure. And you're right- he CAN tell his grandkids a story that very few will be able to tell from that perspective.

  3. You've been busy in Real Life and in your Dreams taking care of the Bad Guys! *Smiles* I agree that 45's unstable Mental condition is all the more alarming and yet he still has Supporters, go figure that some people actually don't Care if they have a Leader who is inept, corrupt and totally bat shit crazy?! And Yes, I felt so bad for the President of Finland... I can only imagine what he had to say when he was in Private with his own entourage afterwards, Holy Shitshow, what a spectacle... and what an uncomfortable and tragic one... I don't even know how we have reached this juncture as a Country, Honestly, it's like an Episode from the Old Twilight Zone!

    1. It IS like an episode from the Twilight Zone and DT's supporters are the undead who follow their leader(s) without a working nervous system, their soul sucked out of them by some horrible force.
      It's so terrifying.

  4. funny, rebecca talked about trump stabbing people tonight, and now here you are stabbing men in your dreams. this world is in flames and the criminal in chief is spiraling. could we have imagined anything like this ever? i dont think so, and yet here we are.

    1. No! I could not have imagined anything like this. It's just gotten so bad so fast. Things that even four years ago would never have occurred to us that our government would not only tolerate but support are today's ho-humminess. Insanity everywhere.

  5. North Dakota isn't even on this same planet, going to need more cookies, I reckon!- Thank you so much for stabbing the bad men, I will sleep more soundly knowing that.

    1. I agree- I don't think that North Dakota IS on the same planet.
      You are welcome about the bad men. I got 'em with one sharp jab. How weird is that? In real life I don't know that I could ever stab anyone. Perhaps there is more to me than even I know, however.

  6. Those little boys are just so cute!

  7. I also meant to say that photo of the brothers is perfection.

  8. Driving all the way to North Dakota without stopping? Why not just go the final bit into Canada?!

    If it were me I'd make a 3-day trip of it and stop every few states and maybe do some sightseeing along the way.

    Trump IS losing his mind, but I think the China thing was just his way of saying, "I've done nothing wrong and to prove it I'm going to do it AGAIN, and even more publicly and audaciously!"

    1. or even more likely "I'm going to do it again because I always get away with it!" Am fervently wishing this to be the bridge too far

    2. Steve, don't ask me about this itinerary. I have no idea what logic is behind it but I think there is logic somewhere. And I think you're exactly right about DT's "rationalization" of calling out China to investigate the Bidens.
      GOD! he's such an ass. I couldn't agree with you more about this being the bridge too far. I'm sick of these bridges to nowhere.

  9. Strange days, indeed. Everyone pointing fingers at trump when all radar needs to point at g o p who are allowing this..or encouraging it. Smokescreen. A diversion to keep people focused on unreality show to keep them from looking at the sky where there are two suns and the weirdness of the moon telling us a poleshift is happening.
    It is about 2000 miles to ND. According to Google, 28 hours driving time. More like 38, I think, even non stop hell bent for leather. I wish them safe travel.
    I hope some alone time and happy visits with grandkids and children will be healing and comforting.

    1. Mr. Moon claimed that the drive would take thirty hours. Hmmm...
      Well, we shall see. And thank you for wishing them safe travel. I do too!
      Yes, I am looking forward to my hours and days of solitude and good visits with all the babies, the grown and the growing.
      As to the Republicans- you're right. It's one thing to have an insane, deranged president but to have an entire political party and millions of supporters who are going along with this farce, this obviously criminal behavior is simply unbelievable. It is, as you said, unreal.


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