Thursday, October 10, 2019


Oh my stars. It is good.


  1. Mark Twain in 1883:-
    "We picked up one excellent word — a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get; a nice limber, expressive, handy word — “lagniappe”. They pronounce it lanny-yap. ... The custom originated in the Spanish quarter of the city. When a child or a servant buys something in a shop — or even the mayor or the governor, for aught I know — he finishes the operation by saying “Give me something for lagniappe”. The shopman always responds; gives the child a bit of licorice-root, gives the servant a cheap cigar or a spool of thread, gives the governor — I don’t know what he gives the governor; support, likely."

    1. Yep. That's where I learned the word- New Orleans. It's a darn good word and that's an excellent quote! Thank you, Mr. P!

  2. absolutely beautiful!!!!!! You did it!!!!!! (not that I had one doubt you couldn't!)
    Susan M

  3. Your bread looks lovely, Mary. I'm impressed. I had no idea that yeast could be harvested from the air. How cool that is! Or warm, as it were, ha.


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