Friday, October 18, 2019

Not Even A Dang Picture

Some of the chickens are making their way to the top of the hen house to roost on the tin roof under the trees. My favorite weather forecaster, a local guy named Rob Nucatola, has gotten home from vacation just in time to put out his thoughts on this tropical storm or whatever it is and as usual, I feel better after reading what he had to say.
And am not quite so worried about my chickens being blown up to Georgia.
Rob says that what we're going to be getting from this storm named Nestor is not going to be too bad.

Think of NESTOR as a rainy Saturday morning. Think of it as a breezy day. That SHOULD BE ALL.

The rain is already starting to patter down and it's been still and gray all day long. It's weird how quiet things get before a big storm. But Nestor is moving fast and hopefully it will come and then it will go. The craziest thing is that it hasn't reached seventy degrees all day long and no, no, NO I'm not complaining but I've been cold. We are so acclimated to heat right now that we have no tolerance for what feels like the frigid north for us. I am actually wearing a hoodie right now and grateful for the coziness. We got a fill-up on our tank of natural gas today and so have plenty of fuel for the heater but damn if I'm going to turn on the heater two days after we had the AC on. The duck may not come out of the closet quite yet but the duckling is already on the bed. I curled under the little down blanket and took a nap this afternoon, Jack by my side. 

Today was a pre-ordained resting day. I haven't had a day at home in quite awhile so I was happy to stay right here. I actually repaired the strap hardware on two pairs of overalls that have been sitting on a chair in the dining room for months. I would have done more but that was all of the replacement buckles I had. And I ironed a little bit in preparation for our trip. 
Well, I did cut our banana stalk. A few of the bananas had gotten so ripe that the bananas were about to separate from their stems. I plucked one all the way off, peeled it, and ate it. And it was very, very good. So now I have about a dozen bananas in my refrigerator and a few green ones still on the stalk. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of these bananas. They're not huge but they're not tiny either. I could make a huge banana pudding but I'm not eating such delicacies right not and we couldn't possibly eat it all before we leave anyway. I could make a few loaves of banana bread and freeze them and that may be what I end up doing. Or perhaps we can just eat them, one by one, boosting our potassium levels nicely. 

I wonder if we'll lose power. The magic eight ball would probably say, "All signs point to yes." Of course we sometimes lose power on the stillest and balmiest of days for no apparent reason. So with a little rain and a little  wind, it's just about a certainty. But maybe not. 
Only time will tell. 

Turns out that this evening's post is every bit if not more lackluster than yesterday's. 
Well, I have been too. 

Anyway, I wish all of you a happy Friday. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You could just put the bananas in the freezer and use them when you feel like making banana bread.

    I ran my ass off at work today so I'm beat. We have our grandson over tonight so we'll see how much sleep I get. It's worth it though. He's sitting now and looking at the world from a different perspective.

    And me, every time a bad thought cross my mind I take five deep breaths and if the thought still isn't gone, I do it again. It's helpful. I guess we'll see.

    Hope you had a good night and hope the storm isn't too bad. Take care.

    1. And that is another option.
      I hope that sweet boy lets you get some sleep.
      I'll try the five breaths and see how that works.
      Thank you for your good wishes, Lilycedar.

  2. Your weather man's downgrading of your storm is lovely prose. A rainy Saturday morning. A breezy day. I may look around for uses.
    How much different to your bananas taste to supermarket Doles?

    1. The bananas don't taste that different from the supermarket versions. I don't know whether to be delighted or disappointed.

  3. I like your weather guy Rob and his description of the coming storm. I hope he is right and I wish more were like him. I get tired of all these people on the news and weather that get all dramatic and act like the end of the world is coming every time we have a thunderstorm! And then when there IS really bad weather they make some poor weather person go out and stand in the middle of it reporting. No sense at all!

  4. I am hoping any bad aspects of Nestor passes you by.
    So many banana possibilities. I think it is amazing you grew these. A banana split would be fun to make and share with the kids. Smoothies, too.
    We are expecting snow here in Beaverhead county.

  5. none of my bananas are getting ripe yet. and it seems to me the last time these trees fruited many years ago in the city (I brought 4 trees with me when we moved) they are not the peel and eat variety. as I recall I had to saute them in butter to bring out their sweetness. how nice that yours can be plucked and eaten.

  6. Your days of "rest" are so productive. Thinking of you both and your upcoming trip. Sending love.


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