Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Man Is Home

I was wrong about the time that Mr. Moon would be arriving home. He called me last night and said that it would be sometime around noon today and so it was.
As I had predicted he was exhausted. He first said that he wasn't going to worry about unpacking but just as I figured he would, he felt like he had to get it out of the way and so in came all of the uneaten snacks, the clothes, the equipment. I started in on laundry and by 2:30 the clotheslines were full of now-clean jeans and camo wear and jackets and socks. He took a shower and changed into his shorts (there's a sixty degree temperature difference between where he was and where he now is) and got into his chair and I made him a little lunch and after he ate it he fell asleep and I laid down on the bed and took a nap too.
It was just a lazy day.
He had a good time and said that on this trip "no one was an asshole" which is not a guarantee on these jaunts. I think he missed my cooking. Not only was he served peas but also cooked carrots, another one of his least-favorites, and said that the cook had not bothered with even salt or pepper. They took their breakfasts at the local hockey rink which was one of the main features of the tiny village where they were staying but the same woman did the cooking there as at the place where the hunters were staying.
I really had nothing of importance or excitement to relate. I showed him my sourdough starter and made him sniff it. He was hugely impressed.
Okay. Not really. But he did like the toasted cheese sandwich I made for him on a slice of it.

And that's been it.
The mystery of where the hens are laying is still unsolved. I am actually contemplating having to buy eggs which is ridiculous when you're feeding a dozen chickens. Of course, four of those are roosters but still.
We are parched and dry. The leaves crackle and crunch beneath my feet as I walk to hen house and clothesline. The next rain forecast is for Wednesday and I would not bet the ranch on that one. No matter what the weather feels like, it is time and past time to plant the fall garden. Hard to contemplate as the temperatures are still in the upper eighties. Watering will have to be involved.

Last night Lily sent a picture of Maggie pretending to be scared by zombies.

I'm sharing the picture because it shows the outfit she was wearing in all of its garden-boot accessorized glory. A friend of Lily's gave Maggie a bag of outgrown clothes that her own daughter wore and they are fancy. Should we call this ensemble the Sweetheart of the Garden Rodeo? 

And this morning, Jessie sent a picture of August wearing what he had picked out to wear today. 

He loves his overalls. That makes me so happy. 
So does his bedhead hairdo. 

The big trial that I spoke of a few weeks ago has finally ended. One of the defendants was found guilty of murder and the jury deadlocked on the decision concerning his girlfriend. A mistrial was declared for her. The person we know who was on the jury is Lily and Jason's roommate and our friend, Lauren. I know she's glad for it to be over. The jury was actually sequestered for the deliberations. It's a strange case and most of us think (although I have not spoken to Lauren so I don't  have all the facts) that the victim's wife's family was responsible for hiring a hit on him but no one's been arrested for that yet. 
Divorce gone bad, people. It will be interesting to hear what Lauren has to say about the experience. 

And so it goes. The man is home, my red passion flower finally has a few blooms on it, the White House seems to be imploding but who knows? I'll tell you something I DO know- for some reason I am on the White House official FB page and it has become nothing more than absolute propaganda for Trump. For some reason, this scares me as much as anything. 
In my darkest moments I do believe that Orwell's "1984" is finally here. 
In my most hopeful moments, I try to believe that we shall overcome. 
If only one could harvest hope from thin air the way one can harvest yeast. Perhaps we can, believing that it is always there even if invisible to the naked eye. 
But it must be fed. Like the yeast, we must feed it. 
I'm going to try. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Glad Mr. Moon has arrived home safely. And such cute photos of the two fashionistas.
    I think it is long past the time when we could return to our country's values. I would love to be hopeful, but it just doesn't match the facts of what is now a much different "leadership". They sold us all down the river. I just wonder what August and Magnolia's grown up world will be like. Maybe they can save us.

    1. I'm not sure what a return to this country's values would be but I assume it would include a lot less racism and isolationism and courtesy and respect. Can we return to trying to be that? To live up to what it says on the State of Liberty? And would it be too much to ask our leaders to speak truth instead of these constant lies?
      I hope not. I hope that when August and Magnolia grow up there will be more of that. With all of my heart.

  2. So happy that Mr. Moon is home and you've had a lazy day...Love the pink boots and the overalls, too. Have a sweet night.

    1. I think Mr. Moon got the best night's sleep of his entire life.

  3. Love the color coordinated dress and wellies. August's overalls are mighty fine, too.
    I read an opinion recently that Trump no longer wants to be president, probably never did, which accounts for all the TV he watches. Anyway, he does not want to be president, and impeachment by the low down, wascally democrats is his best face saving device. Especially after Pence "pardons" him.

    1. You could be right but honestly, I don't think Trump wants to be impeached. I think he's too much of a narcissist to even admit to himself that anything he's done is wrong. He's not capable of that sort of thinking.
      And Lord, but wouldn't it be pretty if Pence got caught up in the whole process of the ship going down too?

  4. I love your comparison between natural yeast and hope. We have to believe that "we shall overcome" one day - at least we must keep striving in that direction. What is life without hope? Welcome home Mr Moon!

    1. Thank you, Mr. P. I really appreciate those words.
      Some day. One day. Gotta feed that hope.
      I think the mister is mighty glad to be home.

  5. The world is a mess it seems and it's hard to find hope. I leave comments on tRump's FB page. He sells shit on that page. WTF! So tacky.

    Anyway, I'm glad your man is home safe and sound and that nobody was an asshole. We had our Thanksgiving dinner last night and had a lovely time.

    1. I'm so glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I always forget that Canada has theirs a month before we have ours.
      How can it even be legal for Trump to sell shit on his FB page? It's mind boggling.

  6. Welcome home to your man. And I, too, love your metaphor about yeast and hope. Now, Ms. Maggie, if you don't already know it, that girl is a star! And August is pretty cool too with his rock star rumpled hair and hand in his back pocket. Happy Sunday, Moons!

    1. Maggie IS a star. And August is a serious love.
      I can't wait to see your heart burst open with your own grands. THAT is going to be awesome.

  7. we did some work for the Michael DeBakey and his young wife decades ago when my daughter was 5 or 6. they also had a daughter about the same age but she was a bigger child than my petite girl. anyway, she gave me a load of clothes her daughter had outgrown. fancy stuff. one item probably cost as much as I would have paid for all of it. I swear, Trump is tripling down on his savagery and hate and lies and he is basically giving this country the finger as he tries to do as much damage as he can before he is ousted.

    1. I had a very wealthy great-aunt and she would send me the most outrageously inappropriate clothing and stuff. But, you know- I still remember it so there was that.
      I hate to say it but I do agree with you about Trump trying to do as much damage as he can. Is Steven Miller behind all of this? I wish I knew.

  8. When people mistrust the media -- an impulse Trump has been so carefully cultivating among his followers -- all that's LEFT is propaganda. But of course people are too clueless to realize that.

    So glad Glen made it home OK. I haven't yet started the podcast about that trial but I have it queued up on my iPhone, just waiting for my next walk to work!

    1. You're right about the propaganda.
      I'm glad that Glen got home okay too!
      Yeah. See what you think about that podcast. It was huge news here when it happened. Like I'd said, I used to live just a few doors down from where the murder took place. The children of the victim and his wife went to the preschool where my brother teaches. All very, very local stuff.


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