Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Well, y'all, I have injured myself walking.
It's not my joints.
It's not a knee.
It's not my feet and I didn't fall down and break anything.
I have chafed my thighs to the point where even walking from the kitchen to the porch feels like someone is taking a hot-roasted cheese grater to my thighs.
Oh Lord. It's funny/not funny.
And the thing is, I don't really have huge thighs. They are relatively thin but where my cotton Jockey big girl panties end, I am damaged.
I was having a great walk this morning. I took a road that I don't usually take for more than half a mile because it isn't shaded after that but today it was so overcast that I just kept on going, shade not being an issue. It was a beautiful walk and I was feeling strong and ready to cover another seven miles and I saw these great cracker cows.

Or bulls, or longhorns, or something. 
They were unperturbed by me and if I had those horns, I would be pretty unperturbed too. I like this shot because it shows both the spread and the way they curve backwards. 
And I was walking and I was groovin' and checking out the sights and then it started raining a little and I turned around and by the time I'd walked five miles my thighs were in serious trouble. I swear, I thought blood was going to start running down my legs. 
It did not but I didn't quite get my seven miles in although I swear, I easily could have if there had not been that fire down below.
I almost wanted to hail the mailman who travels about in his little Suburu whom I have become big waving buddies with as we cross paths over and over almost every morning for a ride to my car but I do have my pride, although it would not appear so, having written about it all here. 
Plus, he probably isn't legally allowed to do anything like that. 
I did get back to my car and I was going to stay home today but discovered that Mr. Moon and a carpenter buddy of his were going to be here all afternoon working on the bathroom and so I decided to meet Jessie in town to go to Costco but of course first we had to get lunch. It was pouring rain when we were done so I ended up sitting in the Jessie's car while she ran in to Costco and got the things she needed because Levon was asleep and it was just a lot more sensible for me to hang out with the boys than to try to get everyone into the store. August and I read some books and it was quite peaceful, sitting there with him and his brother and all I really needed was some honey and Jessie got me some. 

Lily was going to join us but Jason had rescued a tiny kitten in the Walmart parking lot who was about to get run over and so she needed to help tend the little critter. 
Such a wee little thing. 

Of course it was covered in fleas and probably has worms and has goopy eyes but what can you do? Jason is so tenderhearted and could not bear the thought of the little cat getting run over and there you go. It was the right thing to do. 
They washed him/her and gave him/her some wet cat food and commercial cat milk (did you know that was a thing?) and I'm sure it's getting all the love in the world right now. 

And I googled "how to prevent chafing while running" because although I am not running, I am walking at a good clip and the idea is the same, I would suppose. "Runner's World" told me to ditch the cotton because it doesn't wick moisture and so on and so forth and I went to Sports Academy and bought some non-cotton, supposedly non-chafing shorts which are more like underwear and which I will be using like underwear under my cargo shorts because I ain't giving those up. I need pockets, people! I carry my keys, my phone, some gum, my sweat rag- you know- stuff. Plus, if you think I'd go out onto a public road wearing nothing but that garment on my lower body you have lost your mind.  I also bought a product called Body Glide and oh, boy am I excited about using that! 
Yes. Yes I am. 
But that will not be tomorrow. I have to let the wounds heal. 

And that's been my exciting day. 
It has been reported that Levon can now officially crawl. I asked August about this. I said, "So, can Levon crawl now?"
And he said, "Yes, and he can walk."
"Really?" I asked. "Your brother can walk?"
"Yes," he said again in the most sober and sincere way. 
"Well, that's cool," I said. And before we can all wink and nod, it will be the truth. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh I am sorry to hear of the damage, but boy you made me chuckle. Have you watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix? This post felt like an episode of that show. And that lucky kitty just hit the jackpot in the Walmart parking lot.

    1. Yes. I have watched ALL of the Grace and Frankie episodes. And now if I were Grace, I'd design some sort of great walking pants for older women with delicate thighs. Haha!

  2. When they recommend walking for exercise, they never tell you about this stuff, do they? Hope it heals up fast.

    Having bottle raised over 300 kittens for various cat rescue organizations in the past 35 years, i can tell by the kittens pointed ears that it is at least 4 weeks old (younger than that and the ears are still very rounded).

    For eye goop, colloidal silver. One drop in each eye a couple of times a day will take care of it in about 5-7 days.

    For worms, Strongid-T.

    Since the teeth are in, continue to give it some kitten formula but if you are going to want it to eat dry kibble, get the Baby Cat small kibbles from Royal Canin and get it started now -- giving them canned food for too long spoils them and they don't want to bother with dry.

    Besides fleas, it may also have coccidia and ear mites. Most of the on the neck flea treatments tell you to wait until the kitten is 8 weeks, but the shelter treats at 6 weeks with a half dose. Consult your vet about that, as well as about Ivomec for ear mites and something to prevent or treat coccidia.

    Once it weighs two pounds, it can be fully vetted and even spayed/neutered, depending on your vet (we do it that early and don't let people adopt until it is done to cut down on the stray population).

    Until it's had all that, make sure everyone in the house washes up really well after touching the kitten.

    Welcome to the newest member of the family, and bless Jason for his compassion.

    1. Lily took the little baby to the vet today and she is a girl and yes, 3-4 weeks old. She's eating and sleeping well. They were a little worried because she wasn't pooping but then she pooped all over Owen so all is well there. She's a sweetie!

  3. Sorry about your thighs :(
    I think those cows are Andalusians ~ those are the ones Dave & Shelly raise and I think they are really cool! They came to Florida via Spain & I believe they are related to the Texas longhorns, if I correctly remember what Dave told me.
    Jason is a hero ~ and so is Mer for taking such good care of those cute little guys!

    1. I think you're probably right, dear girl! They ARE so cool. They looked at me like, "Hey! You lookin' at me?"
      Jason is a hero in a lot of ways and him saving that kitten was just the latest.

  4. Hooray for rescuing the kitten! Are Jason and Lily going to keep it? The kids will love it, I'm sure.

    I LOVE that picture of Levon and August. So great.

    Glad you got the chafing sorted. That sounds painful! Maybe it's a problem now because it's getting hotter there? Those longhorn cracker cows are impressive.

    1. Either Lily and Jason will keep the cat or else it is going to Jason's mother. Her cat recently died. The kids want it, of course, and it's hard to say no to them.
      Jessie took that picture. I love it.
      The chafing was horrible! It's still there today but the hot cheese grater is not happening so I'm happy.
      Aren't those cows amazing?

  5. This will help: "Glide: the original anti-blister, anti-chafing balm". It comes in a stick-deodorant formulation. You can probably find it online - I've never seen it for sale in a store, only at the expos you see before big running events. I use it for long runs - anything where I'll be out for more than an hour. It is a miracle substance and will preserve all your tender bits. ...Update - OK, they might have changed it to "Body" - this looks like the same thing, same packaging color and typeface - here's the link to Amazon.

    You can use this anywhere - inner thighs, under your bra straps, anywhere. good luck!

    1. SEE this is why I should read through all the way to the end before commenting. Sigh. =) I think you found exactly the right stuff. Go forth and conquer!!

    2. Yep! That's the stuff I got! The woman who showed it to me at the store handed me the blue container even though they had PINK containers too. And I was like, "But, I'm a girl. Shouldn't I get the pink one?" And for one second she thought I was serious and then she realized I wasn't and we laughed a bit caustically.

  6. Holy Crap! I haven't had that happen on my thighs. Yet, but I had it on an armpit. Just the one! So strange and so painful!!! I can't imagine the fortitude it took to not grab the mailman. Brava. Those pics are all great. Especially love the one of the boys rock and rolling. So adorable. XXOO
    PS Finished S town podcast and OMG. What a story! What a life! Amazeballs.

    1. Happens on my armpits too sometimes. It's really painful and that's no joke.
      I'm so glad you liked S-Town. How could you not?

  7. I have a safari vest with all kinds of pockets thst I slip on even not wanting to carry a bag of any kind and with pants with bad pockets. Started using it when i found the best fitting jeans for me of all time—like Tailor made for me, this brand, but the pockets are shallow. I walk the dogs a lot and need deep pockets for outdoors. The vest does it for me. Can even carry pepper spray, as well as treats , flashlight, dog poop bags in there as well as safely zip in cell phone and keys

    1. That sounds like a very good idea but it's just too damn hot here to wear any sort of vest. For me at least. So the cargo pants are what I wear and they have pockets to spare.
      And hey- congratulations on finding jeans that fit. You should buy about ten pairs now. That has never happened to me in my life.

  8. Mary, you are an athlete now! Baptism by fire! And now you will have the proper garments for your particular sport, and chafing will no longer be a concern. And by the way, you are very funny! That last picture of the brothers, oh my, that one is a keeper.

  9. When I was training for a half marathon, race walking, not running, I had a lot of problems with chaffing. Not my thighs but rather my butt cheeks rubbing together and on fire. It's horrible!

    Look at you, all athletely. Is that even a word?

  10. Ugh, the dreaded thigh chafe. I got a tube of something I call fat girl chafing gel but I like that your one sound s sporty instead. I'm finding myself less prone to it these days now my flesh is getting slack but I don't do mighty, humid marathon walks like you do!


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