Saturday, February 15, 2014

This Drug Is Making Me Feel All Talky

I might should have started with 1/4 of a tablet as a dosage. Oh well.

Look what I got in the mail today:

Can you click it?

My bosoms are normal. So to speak.

I can't tell you how relieved I am. So THAT is over. 

And we're just having such a nice day. We actually went and looked at this house

in that car. 

The house is down the road a few miles in the little village of Capitola which does not have a post office but it does have a store. The Joy Mart. I have no idea why we looked at the house. Because it's ridiculously cheap and charming as hell but it's funky as hell, too. No subflooring, you can see the ground through some of the boards. Not one shred of insulation. But it has electricity and running water!

Oh my. If we were twenty years younger. 

Anyway, it was fun and I enjoyed being out in the Cutlass and driving in the beautiful day with my husband and now he's off to town to show a car and when he gets back I think we WILL drive to the coast. 

I just feel glorified. 

That's all for now. There may be more later.


  1. It sure as hell needs a lot of work. Starting with a septic tank. And it's COLD! But it's a charmer. Yes it is.

  2. I do believe you feel like the light through the chandelier. Is there a window above adding light, or is it all streaming from the fixture?

  3. Maybe that could be your respite house for when you need a break from things. Like a cabin.

  4. I love getting that letter from that place when it says that same thing. I have gotten other letters from them that were way more scary and involved surgery, but thankfully everything turned out ok and I haven't had any scary letters from them for about 3 years. Have fun at the coast.

  5. Oh god. The first time I took Wellbutrin I felt like a meth head. I was tweaking like I'd had six pots of coffee. I thought that was it. But I kept taking it, and I haven't tweaked since. Hope your brain and the Celexa make a happy match.

  6. So happy about the good results letter. It sounds like a great day!

  7. That was from Sweet Jo

  8. Glad your tat as will be hanging around for more good, that didn't sound great. Anyway.
    Enjoy the coast! #jealousbuthappyforyou

  9. Tatas. Damn you, autocorrect!

  10. Joanne- Naw. It's all the light from that fixture.

    Birdie- Oh I could never rationalize that but it's sort of a beautiful idea.

    Lois- May you never get a scary letter from them again!

    Ms. Vesuvius- I was on Wellbutrin at one time and yes, I felt exactly the same when I started it. A meth-head tweaking. I feel a little like that now but it is not anxiety. I'll take it. I will take it.

    Sweet Jo- It was the best day in forever. I swear.

    heartinhand- Yes. My tatas. I understood, seeing as I have no tats. Yet.

  11. Very cool place. Now I wish that it were up here on a deep water lot. Reminds me of the houses that used to be on Goat Island.


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