Saturday, February 8, 2014

And Another Day

Chilly and dripping and another morning of waking up uncomfortable in my own skin, making oatmeal with grated apple and raisins. We are supposed to be going into town to go to a home show at the Civic Center to explore all the new and exciting possibilities for homes or something like that. I don't know. Mr. Moon bought the tickets- an outing for us, ideas for this house in Apalachicola that we eternally talk about building.

Civic Center.

Oh dear.


I do want to get out, I do want to do something, I do want to spend time with my husband.
This will be different.

The leaves on my Magnolia Grandiflora, that giant tree in my back yard are turning brown in an alarming way. I am pretty sure I have not seen this particular browning before nor do I see it happening on other magnolias as I walk. It is upsetting to me.

Rain and chill and browning leaves and so on and so forth and going to the Civic Center and not one spark of feeling okay within myself.

Another day to get through.

Keith Richards became a grandfather for the fifth time on Thursday. I wonder if his joints hurt. That's not a pun.

Oatmeal's ready. Gooey apple raisin oatmeal, the birds twitter and look cold. The Magnolia is turning brown.

I wish I felt more like doing anything besides hiding behind this mask of gray today.


  1. Sorry for the gray day, having one myself, a bit too snippy for my own good. I'll think of you at the home show while I'm at Home Depot buying my appliances.
    I looked up your magnolia problem, likely a fungus, here's links: Older trees should be able to survive much better than young or transplanted ones.

  2. Maybe once you are actually at the civic center you'll feel better with all the new gadgets to swoon over.

  3. I love the idea of Ms. Moon swooning over a gadget. Seems out of character, but I suggest a hunt at the Civic Center for anything swoon-worthy, and video documentation to post here! :)

  4. Oh, yikes. I don't know what to think about the magnolia. Or the Home Show, for that matter. Good luck with both, though.

  5. I was looking forward to a walk this morning, but alas it is -30C with the wind and snowing and grey here too. Bah.

    Hold his hand and allow yourself to step out if the home show if it becomes too much. Give yourself permission. It will help. Peace.

  6. The home show could be fun. Daydreaming about a house you might build could be a lark. You're not building it today so you can defer all of what it might actually mean for another day. I like the advice above to hold hands.

  7. I don't like going to those kind of events either. I have been to one home show and to the boat show locally. Not my favorite thing unless it would be a sailboat show in Newport.

  8. Mel- Did you get your appliances? I hope so. Thanks for the magnolia links. I am still not quite sure what's going on there but I hope the tree survives. It is a magnificent tree.

    Ellen Abbott- Very few gadgets. Mostly, uh, stuff.

    NOLA- Nothing swoon-worthy. Oh well. The copper gutters were pretty awesome.

    Steve Reed- I made it through. Let's hope the tree does too.

    heartinhand- I did hold his hand. And there was candy. That helped.

    Angella- I am tired of planning-to-plan. I want to just do it already! But then again...I'd have to move. I'm very conflicted.

    Syd- Bunch of crap, mostly.


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