Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Morning And All Is Well

If it was any prettier outside, they'd probably have to arrest us for breaking the pretty-day limit.

To be honest, I took that picture yesterday but a daffodil is a daffodil and that one is blooming in my back yard. Here's another picture I took yesterday.

We left the gate open to the part of the back yard which we usually keep closed for the dogs and the chickens came right on in and strutted up to the bird feeder and spent a good part of the day gorging themselves on the seeds the birds have kicked off the feeder in their frenzied glut-fest. Wild birds above, domestic ones below. Another lovely thing to look forward to when the dogs die- no worries about keeping the gate closed. Although the dogs are so old and blind now that when they do get out of the back yard, they just nose around the house until they get to the kitchen door and then they bark to be let in. 

There's one squirrel that can get on the feeder. He (or she?) does it with such acrobatic skill that I mostly just laugh and let him eat. He gets way up on that pecan tree, balances on a knot on the tree and then leaps with flying grace to land at least twelve feet away on the feeder's platform. THUNK! And then proceeds to munch which pisses the birds off. They sit around in the camellia bushes and fuss until he leaves. Mr. Moon goes outside with a stick and yells at him and that generally frightens him off. When I try the same trick, the squirrel merely looks at me like, "Excuse me. I'm trying to eat here. Do you mind?" I must not be very threatening. 

Oh Lord. I am old. Here I am talking about birds and squirrels and chickens and a daffodil. 
I guess I'll go wrap my legs in ace bandages and get my canes and go take a walk. It would be a sin to stay inside on a day like today. And later I'm going to town to do some shit with Billy and Maw Maw. I think. Right now Billy and I are texting about the Beatles whom he hates. Or at least he says he does. I think he's telling the truth. Last night I texted him that I was making an arugula salad. He said, "Did it have bacon? Did it have boiled eggs? Did it have ham chunks and ranch dressing? Then it wasn't a salad."
I wrote him back. "My salad has arugula that I grew and grapefruit and strawberries and pecans and blueberries and blue cheese so you know it sucks."
His reply: "Jesus. I would have just starved."

All right. I better get moving. That walk isn't going to take itself and the day is showing off to the degree that someone better get out there and admire it.

It's a tough job but I'll take it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I can't wait to hear what kind of mischief you get into today!
    I was riveted by the squirrel-bird-dog-chicken talk so what does that say about me?

  2. woke up to another overcast day and then rain. rain has stopped now and the temp is dropping. will be cold and overcast for two more days they say. I will surely be happy to see the blue sky again. it's been a rare sight this winter. but I can make it through these next few days cause I know winter is on the run now.

  3. heartinhand- You made me laugh. Thank you!

    Ellen Abbott- And every year, spring does come again and every year, it is a miracle renewed. I swear. Stay warm until the sun makes that a given.

  4. Oliver told me the other day that he didn't really "get" the Beatles, and I died a bit inside.

  5. I think birds and squirrels and chickens and a daffodil are perfectly good subjects for a blog post, and do not signify age at all. :)

  6. Billy's starvation comment cracks me up. Nothing but shoots on the daffodils here.


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