Wednesday, February 19, 2014

99% Pictures

There. A little bit of the day.

One more:

Mr. Moon's Valentine's Day Promised Cherry Pie.

A friend asked me today how the Mediterranean Diet was going. My answer: "Fuck if I know."

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That answer was hysterical! Sweet Jo

  2. That cake looks like something out of magazine. Your answer to the Med. Diet would be the same answer I'd give if someone asked me how to make a cherry pie. Ha.

  3. Gibson has just the sweetest smile. And that is a very fine play contraption! And that pie too.

  4. Have the next piece in the bathtub? What a gorgeous pie. The madonnas would approve!

  5. That pie is perfect. My mouth is salivating.

  6. You are all that and a cherry pie!

  7. Sweet Jo- I think it's my new motto.

    Gradydoctor- I am a fairly decent baker. I hardly ever do it anymore though.

    Angella- I could eat that child UP! It's a wonder I haven't. He's just pure kissable joy and he wants to be kissed and held. I swear he's the very definition of a sweet baby.

    Denise- I didn't eat any! Can you believe it? Mr. Moon had a good piece and the rest of it went into the refrigerator.

    Elizabeth- I used frozen organic cherries from the Costco. They are lovely.

    heartinhand- Nah. That pie was way prettier than I am.

  8. Oh god I want the pie. My mother used to make cherry custard pie and ohhhh. She made it with blackberries too. I don't know how, never find the same cherries or custard consistency. WHY didn't I ask her??

    I like how the pie echoes the fencing on the side of the slide... thing. Words are failing me, despite the fact that I spent months hoping to buy one for my guys before accepting that I'd no space and couldn't afford it anyway.

  9. That pie looks really good. You are an incredible cook.

  10. Now THAT is an amazing pie.

    "Fuck if I know" is a good answer to most any question, really. Unless you actually DO know, which in my case is rarely a danger.


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