Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just A This-Is-What-Happened-Today Post

Calmer tonight and exhausted too. Gibson was a bit fussy today which in his case expresses itself by wanting to be held and so I tried to do things with him on my hip and that's fine up to a point but I do not have the legs, hips, or knees of a twenty-five year old anymore. Or a thirty-five year old. Or a...well, you know. He was fussy because he was tired and I got him to sleep by the telling of the Mr. Peep story which some of you may remember and some of you may have never heard of. It's a simple story that I make up about the old turkey who lives next door and I drone it and drone it and drone it and finally, he laid down and let me hold him and kiss his eyelids and he was asleep and it was precious.

So everything was fine and we made bread and Owen got to take his loaf home and I've made soup from the leftover turkey and broth which have been in the freezer since Thanksgiving. This soup has some weird shit in it including two bags of spring-greens and spinach salad, chopped, (a BOGO I never finished) and other things which I'm not even going to tell you about because they just sound too weird but it will be fine. It's raining, it's chilly, soup will be good and there is a lot of garlic and celery and onions and carrots and potatoes in it so it's not like it's completely alien and I'm going to squeeze a bunch of lemon or lime juice in it before we eat it.

I really am tired and I'd probably be dead if Mr. Moon hadn't come home during the final two hours of boy-care, just in time to take over and let me make the soup and do some laundry and begin to clean up. He set the boys up to paint in the kitchen and helped Gibson and I should have taken pictures because it was beautiful but I didn't. What in the world would I do without that man?
What would any of us do without him? He is the solid steel core of this family.

And that's been it. I had moments of feeling as if I was going to jump right out of my skin, my body, my soul ejected into orbit but I didn't. I stayed right here and although I was not the world's Greatest Grandmother by any means, I kept them alive and fed and no one cut anyone's hair although when Jason got here, Owen did "trick" him by showing him his finger which was bright scarlet and Jason freaked out until I said, "It's paint," and Owen chuckled, very satisfied at having pulled one over on his old dad.

Rain. Cold. Cozy in the house. Soup on the burner.

That'll all do. Tomorrow morning I have to go into town and get my blood drawn which doesn't bother me in the slightest but what does bother me is finding out what the results are- high cholesterol? I guess that's about the worst thing they could determine. I always wonder what my grandfather's cholesterol was when he died at the age of 93. Of course they didn't test it then.
Well, I'll face those results when I have to and after I get the blood taken, I might just bend my elbow up around that wad of taped-on cotton and go get breakfast at the Waffle House. Close the barn door after the cow has escaped, so to speak.

It's a plan.

Sleep well, y'all. Sleep warm.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I like how you put everything in the soup.

  2. World's Greatest Grandmother? I think Owen and Gibson would have something to say about that.

  3. I wish I could meet you at the Waffle House.

  4. I wish you calmer days but I know your grand boys did not sense a thing and your description of putting Owen to sleep was pure love. Sweet Jo

  5. I also "close the barn door" after I get my annual checkup by going to a diner and enjoying a cheese omelette with side of bacon – such a perversely satisfying meal!
    Here's to a deep sleep with sweet dreams....

  6. Sounds like a cozy evening all around.

    I have long been skeptical of all the paranoia over cholesterol levels. I don't check mine very often (and maybe I should) but there's no history of heart disease in my family. We all die of something else.

    Besides , they keep changing the rules about what the measurements should be -- good cholesterol vs. bad and that kind of thing. Whatever!

  7. Oh, and when you go to Waffle House, say hello to Tricia or Nell. Because I guarantee there will be a waitress there with one of those names.

  8. My everything soups are a hit or miss affair. I just made some turkey soup that included everything I could think to throw in, and nobody but me ate it. Oh well.

    I took my cotton ball and band-aided arm to Target yesterday where I shopped with abandon, finding all sorts of amazing things I needed, especially on those darn clearance end displays. I indulged in a Starbucks latte, and had a grand time.

    My cholesterol is really high, but mostly the good kind, but my Dr. won't put me on statins. My sister's numbers are almost identical, and she's been on them for a year. No rhyme, no reason, but I'd actually feel a little safer on them, so I'm hoping my new numbers nudge the doctor in the direction I'd like to go.

    Art is such a great diversion with the little ones, especially paint! I have so many favorites - have you played with markers, coffee filters and a spray water bottle yet? Any water soluble marker works, just have them draw on the filters and then use the spray bottle to make the colors run. You can make them into butterflies too. I'm trying to imagine carrying a kid on my hips right now, when I can barely carry the laundry basket. Hang in there, Mer-Mer and don't break yourself!
    And thank goodness for Mr. Moon. I feel the same way here, that the Mr. is the bedrock foundation of this family, and I'm lost without him. Lucky, we are.

  9. A- Why else make soup?

    Birdie- Well, I am one of the best grandmothers they have. That's for sure.

    Elizabeth- Me too! I thought about you as I sat down this morning, wished you were there.

    Sweet Jo- Those boys are, as my children always have been, my saving grace.

    Sylvia- We humans are ridiculous, aren't we? First we discover bacon, then we eat it!

    Steve Reed- It's so true! My NP likes this entire panel of numbers and I don't understand it. We shall see what we shall see. I can't help but think that a lot of the hysteria comes via Big Pharma who has a pill to treat whatever we consider high cholesterol at the time.
    And my waitress at the Waffle House was named Nicol, I think. Didn't check the other name tags.

    Mel- That's interesting about your cholesterol. I don't understand all of it. Isn't there some evidence that those drugs they use to treat high cholesterol can cause diabetes in women or is that the medication for BP? I forget.
    Target can be a woman's Disney World. If that's sexist, sorry.
    I had forgotten about coffee filter art! I'll have to buy some of those things. I use that reusable gold kind.

  10. Nice to have something to look forward to. The Waffle House will be good. I think that they have the best coffee.


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