Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scenes From A Wedding

The stairway at the Opera House where the wedding was. Can you see me?

Gibson playing with his Boppy.

Owen eating groom's cake.
No. It was not an armadillo cake. It was a Batman cake.

The wedding was lovely. Short, sweet, and to the point. My son Hank officiated. Lily was a bridesmaid. When it was time for the bride and groom to kiss, Owen said, "I can't watch this," and he hid his eyes behind his hands. 

There was delicious barbecue. I could have eaten about ten pounds of that meat. I only ate about 1/2 pound. So that's good, right?

We left right after the cake-cutting. Owen had taken me into the hallway where it was quiet and asked if he and Gibson could spend the night with us. 
"Yes," I told him. "You can."

It was a fine afternoon. I got to show Owen the stage where I've been in a lot of plays, where Jessie has played her mandolin. He climbed up the stairs to the stage and stood front and center. It was sort of beautiful. "Maybe someday you can be in a play here," Hank told him.
He considered that, Owen did, although I'm not sure he understands what a play is. He liked the dressing rooms. He asked where the spotlights were onstage. I showed him. 
It was pretty cool.

I hear that Jason danced to Billy Jean at the wedding reception and we missed it. Damn. I wish we'd stayed long enough to see that. I'm sure it's getting pretty wild there by now. And it's time to settle down here at Mer and Boppy's house. 
The old people and the very young. It's almost bath time. 

There will probably be pancakes tomorrow morning. 

See you then.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sounds like a lovely time capped off with more lovely time...

  2. I think that since I have never actually seen a Groom's cake I would always just assume it is in the shape of an armadillo. It is a good thing I saw Steel Magnolias or I would not even know what a Groom's cake is! Do only men eat the Groom's cake? Is there a Bride's cake?

    I though the picture of you was a picture on the wall.

  3. That first picture, the self portrait in the mirror, should be framed. It's so artfully done, beautiful and serene like the whole rest of this post. How lucky those boys are to have MerMer and Boppy, their own personal superheroes. Gibson's eyes smile so deeply! I'm always struck by that.

  4. That couple sitting at the table behind Gibson looks a little familiar! My daughter-in-law texted me the picture she took of you with my son. Maybe one of these days you and I will actually get to meet in person!

  5. A- Pretty much. Waiting for these boys to fall asleep. Sigh...

    Birdie- There is a regular wedding cake plus a small groom's cake. They were both made by local Monticello bakers and both delicious.

    Angella- Gibson's eyes...oh Lord. Be still my heart. He has his mama's eyes. His grandfather's eyes. His great-grandmother's eyes and his daddy's eyes.

    Lois- Oh. It will happen. And see? I am real. Really, truly real.

  6. Owen's suit!! So handsome, such style. I love the picture of you in the mirror :) It seems like a beautiful wedding.

  7. What a great post! I could use a pancake or three...I'm starving.

  8. Jo- I told Owen yesterday how handsome he looked. "I know," he said airily.

    Heartinhand- There's still a few left here.

  9. Baha! In fairness to him, he probably did get told how handsome he was seventeen hundred times that day :)

  10. Nice photos. Pretty place for a wedding.

  11. Syd- I love the Opera House. I've had such wonderful times there.


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