Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Are Home And A Water Spout Video

Well, we are home.

Here's how a three night weekend to the island goes:
One day to get there, one day to recover from the getting-there, one day to enjoy ourselves immensely, and one day to get home and unpack.
The following day at home is devoted to laundry and more recovery.

I think if I were younger, like, in my thirties or forties, this would not be such a big deal but truly, I do not have the energy I used to have. That's just all there is damn to it.

Anyway, we got the house over there all tidied up and the beds all remade and the towels all washed and dried and folded and put away and the dishes all washed and put away and the garbage all taken and everything locked up. We crossed the bay without incident and and with one dolphin sighting which is always a thrill. Always. A thrill and a blessing.

Vergil and Jessie helped with everything so much today. They toted and packed and cleaned and Vergil drove the truck down to the ramp so Mr. Moon could get the boat on the trailer and truly, they cut our work in half.
Still. So tired.

But here we are, home again, and our house sitters were wonderful and amazing and they left everything here clean and tidy and although the dogs are still alive, I am so grateful to come home to a neat house. Buster and Dolly have finally stopped barking at Greta and so there is a little peace.

We are home. I get to sleep in my own bed tonight.
And may my dreams not be rotten but sweet.

Here's the little video Jessie took on my iPad of the water spout on Saturday. I hope it comes out okay because it was pretty cool.
Nature. Too much? Not enough? Just right?

Whatever, generally impressive when it occurs on Dog Island.


  1. I just came home to two teenagers that were left alone for the weekend. Can you guess what the house looked like? *sigh*

    The video turned out perfect! I am glad that you had a nice time. I bet you are looking forward to many more Dog Island holidays with Owen and Gibson. Soon you will be able to mark time with your trips with them. :-)

    How did Dog Island get its name?

  2. That water spout was cool. I am glad all made it home safely. I am sure you are tired. It does sound like a lot of work for a short visit. With your kids working and everything, I'm sure it's hard to get a longer visit in but that would make the work parts further apart. Anyway, I hope you have a delightful night's sleep in your comfie bed with dreams of Gibson smiling and Owen saying, 'it okay.' I just loved that. Sweet Jo

  3. Cool video! Dog Island looks so great. And isn't technology amazing? Can you imagine what we would have said if someone told us 30 years ago that we'd be filming things like that and instantly posting it to a place where the entire world could see it?

  4. Nice. I would stay for a week. It is an amazing place. Nice water spout too.

  5. My husband and I are having the same issue with short trips. These last 10 years or so we've driven from Ohio to NC for Thanksgiving AND Christmas, and the Thanksgiving trip is short & brutal & ALMOST worth the journey. Not sure we're up for it this year. However, my aunt has been organizing the food & I'm getting all these emails about corn pudding & banana pudding & why would I want to miss that? Sigh.

  6. Same with us at the beach house growing up. get there Friday evening, have fun Saturday, clean up and pack up and get home on Sunday. Long weekends were better...two days of fun. summers even better, whole weeks of fun and laziness and sand and water and well, you know.

  7. This looks like a magical place. Going is almost always fun and returning is always like taking a long deep sigh of the soul. Especially climbing into one's own bed.
    Welcome to home.

  8. Birdie- I am glad I did not come back to a house which had been "kept" by two teenagers. Been there, done that, don't care to do it anymore.
    Not sure how Dog Island got its name. There is a lot of controversy over that one.

    Sweet Jo- Owen's words comfort me often. I swear, they do.

    Steve Reed- And yet, I am so disappointed in the quality of the video which looks amazing on the iPad. Sigh. I am never happy. But, you are right- it's still quite unbelievable to me. All of it.

    Syd- I have stayed for a week many times. Not so interested in doing that now.

    The Bug- Oh yeah. Like there's any pudding in the world worth the hassle. I hear you.

    Ellen Abbott- I DO know. All too well.

    Yobobe- And it takes me so long to recover. I think I am too old for this.


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