Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My boys have been the sweetest, kindest little boys today. When we fed apples to the mule, Owen stroked her face and said, "We always take care of you. We never hurt you."
I could have died.
They have played with Greta and Boppy who came home early and with me too. We've read some and talked a lot and danced some too. Owen discovered he could go in and out the window from my bedroom to the porch and so there was a lot of that.
It's been a beautiful day.
Right now Jason and Mr. Moon are cutting up some deer meat and Owen is watching them (hey- not my call and I guess if he's going to eat meat, he needs to know where it comes from) and Gibson is sitting on a chair on the porch entertaining himself with a Mardi Gras bead necklace. Don't worry. I'm watching him. I won't let him choke. That boy pooped on the potty today. Yes! Gibson! He told his mother he needed to, she took his clothes off and set him on it and he pooped.
He probably won't do it again for another six months but we're impressed.

Tonight Mr. Moon and I are going into town to get a little supper and then to watch Jessie play with the Cicada Ladies. It'll be a pre-anniversary date. On Friday we'll have been married for 29 years. TWENTY NINE YEARS!

We're going to go to Apalachicola for the weekend and that will be lovely and the place we're going to be staying is more than lovely and we've never stayed there before and just the fact that my husband made us a reservation there makes me feel loved. Cherished. And that is probably why we've been married for twenty-nine years.

Okay. Boys are gone. Time to shower and get to town to see our baby girl play mandolin.

Sigh. I am so grateful for a better day.


  1. And have a wonderful anniversary day!

  2. Mr. Moon clearly knows which side of the toast has the butter on it! Awesome!!

    Nothing is more exciting than pooping on the potty. I'm not even shitting you.


    Try the venison, tip your waitress, I'll be here all week.

  3. Enjoy your date! Those boys are the most precious.

  4. It is so nice to see the little boy Owen is becoming.

  5. 29 years! That is amazing! And still going strong. And how romantic that he planned a weekend for you. And you are going out of town again. And Owen is so sweet and Gibson was just born it seems. Life goes by so fast doesn't it? I hope you had a great time tonight. Btw, I could gaze at your park for hours.... Sweet Jo

  6. And after reading this post, I am going to climb into bed and dream sweet dreams. You've set the mood of sweetness, for sure.

  7. Glad your day was better. Oh, and happy anniversary. :)

  8. Pooping in an appropriate place is a great triumph.


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