Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Lord. We were having the most laid back, pancake breakfast, easy morning on the beach, laughing at videos time when we noticed some crazy stuff going on in the water. The wind was picking up and swirling the bay in one spot in front of the house and we realized we were watching the birth of a water spout. We watched it move across the water and send a column up into the clouds and were amazed. 

Mr. Moon checked the radar and it looked like this was the harbinger of a storm front coming. Lily has to go home today because she has to be at work at 6 a.m. tomorrow. Boppy was going to take them back across the bay a little later on this afternoon but the decision was made to get on over while the gettin' was good so everything was gathered, boys were dressed, shoes were found, jeep was loaded. Lily who is SUCH a Moon that I truly wonder if she has any of my DNA at all in her, proceeded calmly to accelerate the leaving process and reassure Owen, who was already stressed out about having to leave, that Boppy would keep them all safe. Jessie and Vergil are going with them to help with the crossing and unloading and Greta and I are staying here at the house to fret and worry and tidy up. 

My husband and our daughters have Viking blood in them and I have always known this while at the same time realizing that my forebearers were obviously some fearful coast-loving tribe who never once, in the history of humanity, ventured far enough offshore to lose sight of land. 
I do love an island with all my heart but damn! I panic when a storm comes through whether on Cozumel or Dog Island. It is my way and I am glad that I have blended my genes with a man who is cautious and yet fearless, both at the same time. 
Does that make sense?

Anyway, here we are and things can change on a dime, especially on an island where all of the weather comes and goes and my boys are headed home and Greta is whimpering, wondering where her personal gods have gone and the sky is growing more cloudy by the second but the water is still flat enough and an hour ago I watched what look like smoke arising from the shallow water and then begin to rise and turn, twist and reach up to the sky and scud across the bay which had turned yellow and green instead of silver and gray and we were all in wonder at what a planet this is, watery and mutable and powerful and beautiful and right now the bay is lapping the shore with gulping sounds and the air is still again. 


  1. I would love to see a water spout!

  2. My red hair and our Scottish ancestry gives lie to the idea that you don't have any Viking in you. I've wanted to go to sea since before I knew what the sea was.

  3. You are fearless in your own way, Mrs. Moon. And I love what Mr. Downtown said.
    Enjoy the beauty!

  4. That photo is amazingly cool. Be safe.

  5. Just gorgeous writing. (I keep thinking of someone who said 'Mary is a writer and she doesn't know it'. Yep.) The thought of that spout does unnerve me. It looks like you all had an incredibly beautiful time, and I can feel the affection there between you all. Safe journeys.

  6. Wow. What a sight! I'm sorry Lily and the boys had to skedaddle early, though.

  7. I have the explorer blood for sure. But I have seen many times just how mighty the ocean is and what it can do. I am also careful.


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