Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beach Party. Plus, Thoughts On A Lynching Party That Went Really Badly For The Tea Party Republicans

Up and up and here we are and the sun is shining and Mr. Moon is cleaning up the boat and Jessie and Vergil are on their way with Greta, their doggie, and I have sheets in the wash for one of our house/chicken/dog/cat sitters and Hank is going to take one shift of that as well and I have to go to town and buy chips/salsa/bread/milk/butter/chicken/eggs/juice/bacon/vegetables/I/don't/know/what/all, come home, pack everything up: ice chests/rubbermaid bins/bags/clothes/chargers/electronic devices/books/booze/pillows/favorite down blanket/, make the bed up, let the dog across the street out, put him back in the house/get with the babies/greet my long-gone Jessie and Vergil, make the plan for transportation down to the coast, drive to the coast, gas up the boat, put the boat in the water, get in the boat, crack a beer, hold the babies safe, cross the bay, dock, unload the boat, drive to the house, unload everything, put it all away.

Done. That is all I have to do.

Until it's time to make supper.

And, to be fair, as Owen pointed out the other day, every night is a party on Dog Island.

So. It's just a three night, four day party with five adults, two kids, and a dog.

Party favors include sunscreen and bug spray and parts to fix the sink drain. And a new air bed for Lily to sleep on because the old one leaks.

I washed my hair and shaved my legs last night so I guess I'm ready.

Wish us luck, y'all. Pictures of sunsets and naked boys to follow.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. This is my new take on what just happened in our government: The Tea Party brought a lot of rope to what they thought was going to be a lynchin' party but Obama stood his ground and let them hang themselves instead of him.
Does that sum it up?


  1. Ok. I'm tired already just reading all the to do. Bon Voyage Moon family. May the Island of the Dogs be a howling at the Moons kind of party for ya'll.

  2. I hope someone else is doing the driving!

    And yes, that is a perfect summation of the recent kerfuffle.

  3. Oh, I like your analogy. Have fun!

  4. if only. they are far from chastened and will do it again.

  5. That sums up the Tea Party fiasco very well. Sadly, the people who elected those Tea Party Republicans to govern don't like goverment themselves, and so elected people who only want to govern by extortion. Of course it ended badly. For them, but also, again, sadly for people who lost 2 weeks of pay...

    Have a beautiful party! I look forward to your photos!

  6. Getting ready for a trip is a lot of work in which I usually pass through a stupid weepy stage wherein I moan to myself about how it's sooomuch work and it just isn't worth it. Thank god, I usually snap out of it. But damn it, it IS A LOT OF WORK. Wishing you well. Hope the Rolling Stones show up...

  7. Oh....and RepubliWho? What was the name of that party again? Oh, you know, those asshats from 2013 who made that stupid play to gut the Affordable Care Act.....#futureconversation

  8. Have a relaxing time in the middle of the work to and fro. Sweet Jo

  9. I like the analogy, but I fear Ellen is right. These far-right maniacs will be a scourge for a long time to come. I think the Republicans will regret redistricting in ways that allow them to come to power and stay.

    Have a great trip! I love Gibson's comparison of the moon to a ball. :)

  10. I think that it is a mathematical certainty that the old male white Republican party will be vanquished in a few years. They are outnumbered by people who have their number!


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