Saturday, October 26, 2013

Being Slow, Enjoying It All

It has been a slow and easy day here in Franklin County. Mr. Moon and I crossed the bridge over to Eastpoint this morning for breakfast and then we went on to St. George Island just to drive around and look at houses and mark the changes from twenty years ago. The island is such a different place now. But still beautiful and the oyster men were out in the bay, tonging oysters the way they've been doing for hundreds of years. 
We came back to Apalach and ate some of those oysters for our lunch, his raw and mine baked with cheese and bacon and jalapeƱos. We had a beer with our lunch and came back and had a nap and I woke up in a panic. Fifty feet away from River Lily, the best little shop in three counties, at least, and I hadn't so much as stepped in the door and I sprang up and got dressed and went over and bought a few little things and then talked to the woman working there for half an hour about her recent move from Long Island to Apalachicola which seems like an impossible journey but here she is and happy to be and now I'm sitting on the balcony, drinking coffee, happy myself to have journeyed here from Lloyd, if only for this weekend. 


Some of the little garden where we are staying. 

Part of the living room. We want the house we are planning to build here to look a lot like this. The reclaimed wooden floors, light, perhaps pressed tin ceilings.

A view from here of the restaurant next door where we had our supper last night. Apalachicola has done a fantastic job of restoring old buildings and making them charming and lovely and right now the sun is getting lower in the sky and I can hear people chatting and laughing from the deck you can almost see, Saturday night beginning as the entire day has gone, in a slow and easy way and the doves are cooing and a nearby church just rang six bells and if I wasn't so lazy I could walk all the down the stairs and take a picture of the river on the other side of the building and there are dragonflies and tiny birds darting overhead in the blue, blue October sky. 

Okay. For you. Just for you. 

Love... Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, so beautiful. Especially that last photo, so thank you for making the effort!

  2. Wow, I love the interior of that place. So amazing and well-restored. That old-Florida look is so terrific.

  3. You are capturing your future in this post. Beautiful.

  4. It is all so lovely. When do you plan to build/move? Sweet Jo

  5. That all sounds fabulous. I love that you woke in a panic to go to a store :)

    Whenever Mike & I travel we play the "if we win the lottery" game. Especially if we're vacationing near water - we always plan to build a house there...

  6. It's a pretty old town. I like the house--and having old floors and the brick is nice. But you have a great house that is lovely!

  7. I woke up to a light blanket of snow, so the last picture is bittersweet. It looks amazing there, hurry up and build so I can go visit.
    Cuz I'm sure you'd want a crazy Canuck just showing up in your doorstep...:)

  8. Elizabeth- It was so pretty that I went back up the stairs and made Mr. Moon come down to view it with me.

    Steve Reed- This was an old warehouse so it was more rebuilt than restored but they used really good materials and did a great job. Inspiring.

    Denise- Gosh. I hope.

    Ellen Abbott- It was just a lovely place to stay.

    Sweet Jo- Who knows? We've been talking/planning for twenty years now.

    The Bug- I do that too. I have dream houses in a whole lot of places. Usually by the water.

    Syd- You know how much I love my house. It's true.

    heartinhand- Snow? Please. No. I'd die if it were already that cold here.


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