Thursday, October 3, 2013

In Which We Make Bread

Nine hours of boys and I'm still standing. Well, actually, I'm sitting at this moment but I'm upright.
It was a lovely, good day and we made bread. Here's what Gibson looked like in an apron.

I know. Can you stand it? 

Here's Owen doing some kneading.

Dude was working it. Gibson was busy raking flour off onto the floor. 

I'd show you pictures of us eating the bread but none of them are any damn good at all, unlike the bread, which was delicious.

It was just a fine day of doing and learning and pretending and laughing and okay- here's an Owen joke- How does a lion get in your butt? 
You sit on him. 

That was the best joke out of about forty. So okay, he's not quite there with the jokes yet. It'll happen. 

They're coming back tomorrow at 6:45 a.m. so this old woman needs to get dinner made and and to bed ASAP. 

(I'm purposely ignoring the national problems and insanities for the moment. I'll let someone else take care of that. Who, I do not know at this moment, but I think Obama has a handle on it. Stay strong, Mr. President. Let those fuckers dig their own grave and hang themselves by all that rope they're pulling out of their asses. Advise them all to sit on lions.)

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, lord. That last paragraph! And those boys are spectacular.

  2. OMG. Yes. Sitting on lions is definitely needed by the entire lot of them.

  3. Owen has summed it up so right and Gibson in that apron... Priceless. Sweet Jo

  4. The apron and the lion in your butt. Yes.

    And the Feds are IDIOTS. People aren't getting paid. Ordinary people.

    Homemade bread made by small hands, the best ever.


  5. Another wonderful day at Mer Mer's! I bet you laughed and laughed at the lion joke. Am I right? :-)

  6. Haha ~ let all those Republicans sit on lions!

    Here's one for Owen: Why don't lions eat clowns?

    Because they taste funny!

  7. Ha! I wish they WOULD sit on lions!

  8. Hahahaha. Why didn't the lion tell the truth? Uh, because he's a.... yeah, sorry.

  9. I hope those lions our pseudo-leaders sit on are roaring...And your boys are so sweet, gorgeous and funny. You are one lucky grandmother.

  10. Angella- It's a good image, at least.

    Elizabeth- They keep me entertained, they make me want to be better.

    SJ- Yes. I believe you are right.

    Sweet Jo- I wish we could dress him in dresses. Well, we could but, you know. He didn't even really like the apron.

    Beth Coyote- It's like those guys think that the rest of us (those of us who are not them) are absolutely fake or something. THEY HAVE NO CONCEPT WHATSOEVER.

    Steve Reed- A situation I try to avoid.

    Lulumarie- I asked Owen today why lions don't eat clowns. He looked at me as if I was infinitely stupid and said, "Because they don't like them."

    The Bug- Really hungry lions.

    Denise- Darn. I'm afraid that one is over Owen's head too. He'll get it soon, though.

    e- I AM one lucky grandmother. And I know it.

  11. Yes, I hope that the Pres. stays strong too. I know even for his karmic personality this must be the ultimate in frustration. Everything he tries is blocked or becomes a hassle with lots of name calling. He is a good man. A really good man.


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