Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It was a very good day with my boys, and Boppy even got home in time to play. We fed that next-door mule both early and late, first an organic carrot and then an organic apple and I hope she appreciates that. She is a very old thing and if you saw her hoofs, you would cry. But she hangs in there, she hangs in. She let us rub her forehead, she didn't take any fingers off.

Boppy gave the boys rides on the four-wheeler, slow, slow around the yard and they both grinned big as the world. Gibson, instead of being scared, was delighted and they were sweet in their taking turns. When their daddy got here, he took them on a ride.

I asked Jason tonight if he can even stand how beautiful his sons are. "Do you just look at them in wonder?" I asked him.
"Pretty much," he said.
I think we can see where Gibson's looks come from. That apple didn't fall far from the tree.

I got some coffee. My husband's home. The soup is almost ready.

All my (real) dreams come true. Once again, they've come true.


  1. I just discovered 8:00 Italian in the purple labeled bag this summer and it is my favorite. Gave up on Starbucks forever, and that is a relief. Don't like being trendy or whatever drinking Starbucks entails.

  2. My sister and all 3 of her kids ride the four wheeler around all the time. We just sandwich those little guys right in between us and off around the farm we go. Our parents would DIE.

    Gibson's hair is getting so long. Growing fast.

  3. I thought of you a few times today without your coffee. Glad you got some!

  4. I want to ride a four-wheeler! I have a friend in NC who has one - I'm adding it to my bucket list now!

  5. Nice photo of Gibson and his dad. One to treasure.


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