Monday, October 7, 2013

For Your Edification

We got what I suppose are the remnants of the weather system formerly known as Tropical Storm Karen last night and it's gray and drippy here this morning. Sort of like I feel. I slept like a semi-dead thing last night, despite the fact that I did nothing more strenuous yesterday than making supper and cleaning up which almost killed me which is perhaps why I slept like a semi-dead thing. I was semi-dead.
But my spirits are better, perhaps because I know that whatever this is, it's probably viral in nature rather than the crazy.

Whatever it is, I am going to spend another day taking it easy. I have a tiny bit more energy than I did yesterday so I am not going to spend all day on the bed. That was so unlike me. I have taken the trash and gone by the Post Office and let the chickens out and taken that picture above of the Confederate Rose which is so damn cheerful and girly that it makes me smile every time I look at it. I have started doing laundry. Of course.

La-di-fuckin'-da. I may possibly be the most boring person in the universe.

Okay. One of the articles I read yesterday in the Oxford American was about a bluegrass musician whom I had never heard of before which is not really that strange. Despite the fact that half the people I love play bluegrass music, I only know the names of the famous. Ralph Stanley, Bill Monroe, etc. This guy's name is Dave Evans and since we live in the era of Youtube, I discovered that there is a documentary about him called "Last of the Breed." It is fairly fascinating, as is the story of Dave Evan's life.

In order to try and pretend that I am not the most boring person in the universe, I am giving you the trailer for this documentary. I'd personally watch the whole thing. Hell, I'd go and see him play although quite frankly, after finishing the article last night (which was very well written, by the way, and the author's name is Lee Johnson and he's a musician too) I thought Mr. Evans was probably dead. I guess he's not. Note: There is another musician by the name of Dave Evans, but he was the lead singer of AC/DC from 1973-1974. As awesome as it would be if these were both the same men, they are not.

Compare and Contrast:

Dave Evans, Rock Musician

Dave Evans, Bluegrass Musician

And for the love of GOD, do not confuse either of those men with DALE Evans who was (and quite rightly so) America's Favorite Cowgirl Movie Star. 

Dale Evans. Also a singer. 

Here's the trailer.

Happy Monday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, now I see the dissimilarity. The one Dude is wearing a hat.

  2. I'm relieved to know that you're got A Bug and are not languishing from something more serious. I haven't gotten into my new Oxford American (thanks to your gift!), but you've enticed me. I always loved bluegrass music and really haven't listened to it at all in a long, long while.

  3. Elizabeth- There is some damn fine fiction in this issue. I am not kidding you. And that article on Evans is terrific.

  4. Sorry, no. I -- I repeat, I -- am the most boring person in the universe.


  5. At first I DID think you were talking about Dale Evans. Ha!

    And for taking it easy you're leaving me in your dust. That's a full day's work for me right there!

  6. Holy shit! I watched the trailer and I am intrigued to say the least. I am going to be spending an hour on the whole thing tonight.

  7. I love that Dale Evans had her own comic books.

    I have never heard of Dave Evans from AC/DC. Not that I am particularly a fan of AC/DC.

  8. I would like for the rocker Dave to be the bluegrass Dave. What a twist that would be.

  9. Stubblejumpin' Gal- I'll arm wrestle you for the title.

    The Bug- I just doubt that, woman.

    Jill- I want to watch it too!

    Steve Reed- I didn't even know that AC/DC was from Australia. Dale Evans...sweet memories of her and Roy Rogers. Oh my.

    Syd- I know!


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