Thursday, October 3, 2013

Public Service Announcements

*Publix has Eight O'Clock coffee on BOGO. Buy one, get one free. I recommend the dark Italian roast. Stock up, people.

*I predict that smaller handbags are going to be coming back into style. Women are possibly exhausted from carrying around bags that could and probably do hold everything from yoga mats to pup tents. Here's the thing with purses- the bigger the purse, the more stuff we feel we must tote with us everywhere. This has reached a level of absurdity. What could be more ridiculous than a fifty-eight pound movie star carrying around a one-hundred-and-twelve pound bag that cost $10,000? This is why those women have those obscenely veiny arms. Not the gym, not pilates. It's from carrying around those bags full of flame throwers or something. I myself am currently carrying an old, favorite red leather bag which is about big enough for a wallet, a phone, my keys and a pen. It feels fantastic.

*Sarah Jessica Parker is picking up fashion tips from me.

Looking good, SJP!

*Mia Farrow's brilliant and gorgeous son, Ronan

may, in fact, be the son of Frank Sinatra, rather than Woody Allen.

You think? This delights me for some reason. If I were Ronan, I would be more than thrilled. 

*Hank has a new kitten. 

Which means I have a new grandcat. It is as yet un-named, but when he asked for suggestions on Facebook, he got 74 comments so I am sure he will not be nameless for long. Hank is picking him up today following the darling little cat's neutering ceremony.

*This letter from the grandfather of a boy who recently came out as gay, written to his daughter who kicked her son out of the house makes me believe in humanity a little bit more. And makes me want to cry for more than one reason. 

Click on it. 
You go, Grampa! I love you!

*I guess the government is still in shut-down although enough Republicans have now abandoned their bullshit demands to vote on a clean bill to get things going again and to prevent the US from going into default. Boehner is refusing, however, to budge. What can I say that hasn't already been said? 
I'll just add, "COCKSUCKER!" to the conversation.

*The boys are coming any moment. This means it is time to stop writing. Let us all have a beautiful day. 

Much love...Ms. Moon

P.S. If YOU have any public service announcements, feel free to announce them here. It is our duty as bloggers to keep the public informed of important, breaking events. Obviously.


  1. That one about Mia, Old Blue Eyes and Ronan is the best damn thing I've heard all day.

  2. That one about Mia, Old Blue Eyes and Ronan is the best damn thing I've heard all day.

  3. Oh My. Grandpa's are awesome, I know, I live and sleep with one and he is, as they say, fabulous.
    The swaddled vegetable babies are gorgeous! I can almost taste them.
    I am trying to catch up here as I unpack from a long long trip. I am home, feet almost touching the ground.

  4. Oh lady! You have put a huge smile on my face. I can't thank you enough. Like a breath of fresh air.

    My public service announcement is that the frozen croissants at Trader Joe's are better than a lot of stuff I've bought in bakeries. Pumpkin everything. The people deserve to know.

  5. Ronan is a pretty awesome guy, surely he can't be Woody's child. Anyway.
    The grandpa letter? Made my day!
    I stopped carrying a purse (for the most part) a few years ago. If I can't stuff it in my pockets, it isn't worth packing. Traveling light is my motto now.
    I'm having a. Hotflash as we speak. Oh my.

  6. *Ronan has responded to this whole thing on his Twitter account saying "Listen, we could *all* be Frank Sinatra's child." Which made me love him, and I've never even heard of him before this week.

    *My car window that got busted out on Shutdown Eve is fixed. That $200 was burning a hole in my pocket anyway.

    *I have to go BACK to the doctor tomorrow, which makes me want to cry a little.

    *I really fucking hate John Boehner. He doesn't want to lose his speakers job, so 800,000 other people have to lose theirs. Fuck them all. Big and small.

  7. I would much rather have Frank Sinatra as my father than Woody Allen. Reading that PSA thrilled me too.

    The picture of Hank and Mr. No Name is beyond being about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. That is a lucky cat.

    Grandpa's letter rocked!

  8. You rock overalls way more than SJP and I am not just saying that.

    Awesome grandfather. Just awesome. I wonder what happened to his daughter?

    With regard to Universal Health Care in the US. Our former NDP leader, Jack Layton said this before he died. I think it is exactly what so many Americans need to hear.

    "Remember our proud history of social justice, universal health care, public pensions and making sure no one is left behind. Let’s continue to move forward...Don't let them tell you it can't be done."

  9. I don't carry a purse at all unless the clothes I'm wearing don't have any pockets and I often refuse to buy pants or shorts without pockets. then I carry a very small cloth bag on a strap. All I need is my wallet, keys (and sometimes not even those), and phone. sometimes I bring my camera.

    I'm glad to see some of the moderate Republicans are finally distancing themselves from the lunatic fringe they have allowed to run their party. Too bad they let it get out of hand in the first place.

    Go grandpa!

  10. I'd bet that SJP paid more for those coveralls than I did for my first (used) car. And they probably don't call them coveralls anymore either. What do I know?
    I have no comment about the homophobic horse's hind end. Let's just say, if a person could "choose" their leanings, why would they want to put themselves through all that grief? I mean, really!

  11. I'd bet that SJP paid more for those coveralls than I did for my first (used) car. And they probably don't call them coveralls anymore either. What do I know?
    I have no comment about the homophobic horse's hind end. Let's just say, if a person could "choose" their leanings, why would they want to put themselves through all that grief? I mean, really!

  12. Well darn - I just bought a new fabulous messenger bag type purse for all the Extremely Important Stuff I Must Have On My Person At All Times. Guess I'll just be out of fashion as usual.

    LOVE the letter!

    And on behalf of all non-crazy Ohioans, I'd just to offer our most sincere apologies for Mr. Boehner. Not that I get a say in him (not in my district), but still...

  13. Ooo, that must be right about Mia Farrow's son! Same eyebrows. I mean, he looks so like Mia, but definitely more like O Blue Eyes, indeed.

  14. That letter is awesome! I say name the cat Chad's Grandpa.

  15. I liked this post. I am sure I will forget something since I tend to do that often after reading but what sticks out is the great letter from Grandpa, Hank's precious kitten - please let us know his final name, the coveralls, though I like the old fashioned baggy surplus store ones better (not that I've had any since I was 11), and the idea of public service updates. I know you will have more news after spending time with your boys. Sweet Jo


    I am Sinatra's child.

  17. ps New Kitty looks exactly like Paris the Genius Cat when he was a baby. HUGE ears round googly kind of crazy eyes and a small body. LOVES

  18. *coveralls give me the creeps. but since you wear them, I have second thoughts since I heart you.

    *that ronan does look a lot like ol' blue eyes in that picture. I'm not sure if it's the angle or what. but he's awfully cute to be the offspring of woody allen. yeeesh.

    *that cat looks like fun. and like he's ready to stir up some commotion. I think he should be named either "maury povich" or "jerry springer." come on, hank! do it for the story! any other full person name would be equally ridiculous -- "frank sinatra", "mick jagger", or "jerry garcia". *you're welcome*

    *the grandpa was AWESOME. it is unnatural to disown your kid. like, literally, it is. i like that point he made. 5 points for Gryffindor. Slytherin totally loses.

    *have fun with your boys. hugs to you and your coveralls.

  19. Almost forgot:

    Big purses are great but horrible at the same time.

    And you adding in "cocksucker" to the conversation just made me LOL while listening to NPR.

  20. Elizabeth- It gives me a secret thrill. Yay, Mia!

    Yobobe- I bet your family feels as if they can breathe again. I am so glad you're home. Love to all.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Tallahassee is getting a Trader Joe's. I am pretty excited. Until then, I will take you at your word.

    Heartinhand- Good for you! I'm not to the pocket thing yet. Well, when I go out. When I'm at home I have all sorts of crap in my pocket.
    G.D. hotflashes. Mine will never end.

    SJ- Yes. Fuck them all, big and small. Except Ronan. Keep me posted about tomorrow.

    Jill- Yep. That's going to be a beloved cat.

    Birdie- Well, I wish I could agree with you about how Ms. Parker looks in her overalls. Your country is SO far ahead of us in so many ways.

    Ellen Abbott- I fell that the Republicans are absolutely committing suicide. This is not going to be forgotten any time soon.

    Bob- Well, they do throw the best parties. There is that to consider.

    The Bug- Don't apologize. We know he's not your fault. And I will probably go back to a big bag eventually. I can't help it.

    Jo- He's one damn good looking kid.

    Stephanie- I passed that one on to Hank.

    Sweet Jo- My current favorite overalls are Oshgosh. They are awesome. As is Chad's grandfather.
    Of course I'll let you know what Hank names his new baby.

    Rebecca- Me too! We're sisters! My overalls have about ten pockets. My cargo pants about seven. These are what I live in. Need I say more?

    Gradydoctor- Overalls are not for everyone. But they are for ME! Yes, big bags are awful and great. I am sure they have done a lot for the chiropractic industry. And isn't that the truth? How in hell do you disown your kid? That's just completely unnatural. Gramps sure did nail that one.

  21. Wow, that news about Mia, Frank and Ronan is new to me -- but how can there be any doubt?? Just LOOKING at him is enough to convince me. Wonder if he can sing?

    Love the kitten! Be sure to fill us in on the name!

    I like the letter from the grandfather, but call me cynical -- I always suspect these things that spread around on the Web are made up. Besides, he's being awfully harsh, isn't he?! I mean, I know she was harsh and wrong, but I would prefer a gentler approach to make her see the error of her ways.

  22. I have to disagree with you Ms. Mary Moon. SJP looks like she is trying too hard. You on the other hand make overalls look beautiful. Now just accept the compliment. xoxo

  23. Congrats Hank! What a great guy for giving a new kitty a home. Hope this one's a little nicer, but there is that look in his eyes....

  24. My PSA is that I bought a man purse--a small one albeit--to carry my glasses, merchant mariner documents, and extra keys. My wife laughs at me and bugs me about it in a kidding way. I like it. All the rage.


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