Monday, October 14, 2013

How Can We Say No To Such A Possibility?

I watched something today which our amazing Elizabeth shared on Facebook this afternoon. An almost-nineteen minute clip (and really- who has time to spend NINETEEN MINUTES WATCHING SOMETHING WHEN WE COULD WATCH A FANTASTIC CAT VIDEO IN THIRTY-SEVEN SECONDS???!!!) which I watched all the way through and would have watched for another nineteen minutes if it had been that long. It's about a compound made from a plant which seems to hold incredible promise and which indeed is showing miraculous results as a treatment for children who have seizures. Like Elizabeth's own beautiful mermaid daughter, Sophie.
A plant.
Whose name is marijuana. But whose properties have been altered through breeding to contain a high percentage of the chemical which seems to have these promising and miraculous effects on the brains of children who suffer from seizure disorders.
Like Sophie. Whom I have come to know a little and love in some strange and true way through Elizabeth's writing.
Sophie. Whom I dream about. Literally.

Here's the clip. Watch it and let's all try to do something about the ridiculous laws of our country which are preventing children from having access to a substance whose side effects are, according to the parents of one little girl who has gone from having over four hundred seizures a week to none or one, all positive.
An effective treatment with side effects that are all positive?
Could it be?
Just watch it. Nineteen minutes.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I have been following this as well, and want to beat my fists against the wall with the nonsense of it all.

    And at the same time, spread my arms wide at the incredulity and gratitude at our community, and the nonsense of it all.

  2. Powerful piece that shows the ridiculous waste of the powers that be in saving young lives and the lives of parents likeElizabeth who have to endure heartbreak each day she watches Sophie have another seizure. How can that be? Sweet Jo

  3. This really got to me, too. The simplicity of it. The common sense. The way through just has to keep opening up.

  4. I just don't have time for the video at the moment, but I could not agree more about the laws. America's "War on Drugs" is ridiculous and counterproductive in so many ways. This is just one of them!

  5. I hope that having medicinal use of marijuana does happen in those states that are blocking it. I am sure SC will be last as usual in doing something that would help someone like Sophie.

  6. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this!! xo xo

  7. the stupid laws are there because the people in charge are greedy bastards.


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