Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Promise Not To Post Too Many Videos. I Promise

The party with the boys started in this way.

And it proceeded to the porch where Owen got a wasp sting but was VERY, VERY brave (after the initial freak-out) and when the ice had been on it for about a minute, pronounced it, "Fine," and went on about his business.

It was a mellow, sweet day and Gibson spent at least an hour, sleeping on my bosom.

One can hardly complain about any 


  1. I have been pronouncing MerMer wrong all of these years. I am shocked!

    You could never ever post too many videos lady.

  2. Great videos -- don't stop and is there anything better than a baby sleeping on you??? So sweet and innocent and trusting. Sweet Jo

  3. Jill- Don't feel bad. Owen's other grandmother doesn't pronounce it right either.

    Sweet Jo- I don't want to have created a monster.

    Rebecca- Don't tempt me, woman!

  4. I have a friend named Anna, and she was born and raised in Alabama. I'm from Kentucky so obviously I was not raised in, um, New England -but I can tell such a distinctness in her voice and your voice. I can't even pin it down but everytime I hear your voice, I think of her.

  5. Whew. I'm all caught up. Death fatigue and angus burgers and chickens and cooking and bodhisattvas all the way to those beautiful boys.
    I feel better now.

  6. Gibson is too cute with his SHELL phone.


    Party at MerMers!

  7. SJ- There are a lot of different southern accents, aren't there? It's nice to think I remind you of your friend.

    Elizabeth- I think so. But then, I sort of have to.

    Denise- It's a roller coaster.

    Birdie- Well, mostly it is.

    Stephanie- A TURTLE Shell phone, which somehow makes it even better. And he's talking to his Boppa on it.

    Angella- Just wait. Just you wait.


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