Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Day Of Literature And Journalistic Appreciation

I think it is quite possible that I am actually sick or, something like that. I have laid on the bed almost the entire day, reading mostly. I feel achy and at times a little chilly, then too warm again. No energy whatsoever. The thought of walking as far as the chicken coop seemed impossible and absurd. Didn't I do this a few months ago?
I've gotten up and taken a shower and tidied the kitchen and will make supper. I can do that.
Meanwhile, Mr. Moon has been busy the entire day, cleaning out and organizing some of the outbuildings he keeps things in. Or so he says. I would have no idea. I do know that every now and then he's made his way to the bedroom and kissed me and asked me if I wanted anything and that he certainly appeared to have been working very, very hard.
He is such a good man.

It's odd but sometimes it is a relief, even for a bad (albeit mainly silent) hypochondriac like me for whom every symptom or perceived symptom points directly to a terminal illness, to realize that maybe it's not that I am falling prey to a new and horrible mental illness, but perhaps just a little ill with something.

Well, we shall see what happens. If this is like the last time (as far as I can recall) I will wake up tomorrow much improved.

And in the meantime, I have almost caught up with all of the magazines in this house, even the Oxford American which, if read cover-to-cover (and how else would you do it?) can take as much time as a novella to read. Speaking of novellas, both the New Yorker and the Oxford have run articles about Alan Gurganus who has a new book of three linked novellas (Local Souls) out which sounds as if it might be fine. I tried like hell to read his Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All but simply could not do it. Perhaps the novellas will be more my glass of sweet tea. He certainly sounds like someone I would love to be friends with.
And no, I do not care to discuss the time I spent on my iPad, reading the blog of Nie Nie, the Mormon woman who almost died in a plane crash and who is quite simply, the MOST GRATEFUL AND FAITHFUL MORMON HOUSEWIFE ON THE PLANET AND WHO LOVES HER HUSBAND AND FIVE CHILDREN MORE THAN CAN BE UNDERSTOOD UNLESS WE LIVE IN THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM! and who has all sorts of really cute clothes and jewelry and stuff on her blog that even I could buy if I'd just click on the links, as well as lots of links where I could find out all about what Mormons believe and she'll even send me a Book of Mormon FOR FREE.
No. I don't want to do discuss that. But you know I'm fascinated by Mormons. I just am and don't you judge me.

Well, that's the news from this tiny little part of a tiny little village in North Florida.

Let's all be well and love as best WE can, we mere mortals, here somewhere south (North?) of the Celestial Kingdom.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm fascinated that you, who has not a religious bone in your body, are fascinated by Mormons. I wonder where it arises from? I love how mysterious we are even to ourselves. I am fascinated by Buddhists. Feel better soon dear Mary.

  2. Angella- Because I am so mean. I am fascinated by what people will believe in, base their entire lives around. Give their brains and hearts and souls up to. That's why. But mostly...I'm just mean.
    Buddhists deserve far more fascination.

  3. And besides, one of your best friends as a child was a Mormon, right?

  4. Mr. Downtown- Yep! Linda Sue King! But she never told me any of the good stuff. Like about the Planet Kaloob. Nope. She kept all that to herself.

  5. I am utterly relieved that you are reading Kid's blot today and pondering the Mormons. It's proof that you're. Not slipping into madness but fascinated by the absurd.

  6. Good lord! Typing on a Kindle makes for weird typos.

  7. Isn't it funny that when we feel odd we rarely think it is something physical first? I do that too. Whatever it is, I hope you feel much better tomorrow. Sweet Jo. PS What did Hank name your grand kitten?

  8. My hubby, who is also a good man, said to me recently, "Why is it that if we both have the same symptoms I have a cold and you immediately have stage 4 lung cancer?!"

    I'd like to think our worry and fear comes from a place of gratitude, we know how good we have it and don't want the other shoe to drop. Either that or we are both completely mental.

    My friend JT is obsessed with Mormons. When I went to Salt Lake City this summer! I went to the temple. It was surreal, to put it mildly.

  9. Heartinhand -- I can relate! I've had to go to Salt Lake City for work about 3 times in a really close timeframe. By the last time, I went to the temple and just sighed up at it. And there were SO many weddings, constantly. Pictures being taken outside, etc. Tuesday at 3? Wedding. Thursday at 7am? Wedding.

  10. Hope that you feel better. Not a bit interested in Mormons but did read about the polygamy activities in National Geographic. Check that one out for some twisted stuff.

  11. Elizabeth- Nie Nie went to visit Ann Romney! Oh my god. They're like besties. The absurdity never ends.

    Sweet Jo- Humbert Humbert. Like the author of Lolita. Now what the kitten shall actually be called is yet to be seen.

    Heartinhand- "Either that or we are both completely mental."
    Option 2 for me.
    I would never go see that Temple. I would be afraid that I would be captured and indoctrinated and forced to wear sacred undergarments.

    SJ- It is every little Mormon girl's dream to be married in that temple. It's just like dreaming about being married in Sleeping Beauty's castle. Is it Sleeping Beauty? I get my princesses all confused.

    Syd- Those Mormons and their messages from god just crack me the fuck up.

  12. When I was in Zambia the principal of the American school was Mormon. My friend Dana and I (and boy THAT was confusing because I'm Dana too) used to go to their house & play Spades. We didn't talk about religion, but it sounded like the beginning of a bad joke: A Mormon, a Baptist Missionary (me) & a schoolteacher (the other Dana)...

    And now I'm an Episcopalian.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  13. Neither south nor north, but BELOW the celestial kingdom.

  14. I am almost tempted to look up that Mormon woman's blog. Almost.

    I hesitate to say this, but do you think you might have a touch of chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia? It seems like you often get hit with these achy, tired states that sometimes don't have an easily discernible cause. I'm not sure there's much you can do if that's the case (even getting diagnosed is hard from what I understand) but it's just a thought.

  15. The Bug- At least you're not a Mormon. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

    Stephanie- Yes! I'm geographically challenged. Even as to the Celestial.

    Steve Reed- Honey. It's a hoot. As to your suggestion- no, I have considered all of that and I think you're right but since there's nothing to be done for any of it, I just do what I do and try to get enough sleep and not stress out. And of course everything stresses me out but that's a whole other topic.


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