Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Remember When Gibson Called Me MiMi?

After the library where the boys ran around the stacks in the children's section like joyful little hellions, we took them to eat lunch at a Chinese buffet restaurant where Owen ate two bowls of miso soup and a good pile of noodles.
We were sitting in a booth and after Gibson had finished eating he was standing next to his mama while she tried to finish her meal. He leaned over the back of the booth and tapped the woman sitting there on the shoulder. She turned around and Lily apologized and the woman said, "Oh, it's okay," and Gibson patted his mother and said, "Ma-Ma."
"That's your mother?" the lady said.
Then Gibson pointed to me.
"Dat MerMer," he said.
I was taken aback. So many developmental steps in this small encounter.

Owen, bent over his noodles said, "I think he's done with MiMi."

It was a good lunch and we read a book about dinosaurs all the way home.


  1. Progress and so cute at that!! Sweet Jo

  2. Owen might be an apprentice chronicler. I love this story and how you tell it.

  3. How sweet. And then Owen puts the cherry of sweetness on top with his way with words. He is only 4? And he says things like that? Amazing, those boys.

  4. SJ- Me too!

    Anonymous- Changes every day.

    Angella- There was a lot going on but that was just one very cool moment.

    Elizabeth- GOOD!

    Andrea- They really are. Usually.

    Jill- He's a very verbal and observant little boy.

    Stephanie- Yep.

    Steve Reed- I know. Because like I said, I WAS NOT HAVING Mimi.

  5. I have missed so much!


  6. That boy Gibson is something. Both boys are so sharp.


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