Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bodhisattvas I Have Known

It's so funny. I'm making a supper that as I was cooking, I gave tribute as inspiration to Granny Matthews, a cookbook that I was raised on called Young America's Cook Book, and Anne Helene, my friend from Norway whom I met on my first trip to Cozumel.

I mean, Mr. Moon and I just had a long conversation about all of that as I made a white sauce to pour over sea bass he caught, along with potatoes we grew and peppers and onions.  Crowder peas are simmering on the back burner.

And I go to check my e-mail and I find this.

Bill Wharton, The Sauce Boss and my dear friend Lori from St. Augustine, known here as Lulumarie. 
Bill is another influence on how I cook and in fact, how I live my very life. 

One of those moments. 


Life is good. I think dinner will be too. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You've led such an interesting life. Sweet Jo

  2. Yum -- to all of it. Funny, but I actually cooked a big pot of black-eyed peas tonight and thought about asking you how you cooked them! We can't find crowder peas here, though --

  3. Well thanks to Elizabeth now I'm craving Hoppin' John. I don't think I can wait until New Year's to have some...

  4. The Sauce Boss rocks the blues...I noticed he played at least four different guitars. We had such a great time. I'm honored you posted the photo!

  5. Sweet Jo- I do think I have led an interesting life. But so have most of us. Don't you think?

    Elizabeth- Black-eyed peas are probably Glen's favorite. I should make them more often. I just cook them with salt and pepper and a little olive oil and soy sauce. That's how I do it.

    The Bug- Black-eyed peas are appropriate, any day of the year.

    Lulumarie- I should have asked your permission first but that was such a beautiful picture that I just had to do it. Thanks, sugar.

  6. Great about the Sauce Boss. Cool dude.


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