Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Morning Chicken Post

A morning of recovery from last night's dinner choice which was Camarones a la Diabla. Spicy shrimp. The waiter said, "They're really spicy, is that okay?"
And I said, "Sure. I can handle it," thinking he meant jalapeno-spicy. Gringo spicy.
Well, okay, no.
They were HABANERO spicy and plenty of it.
But hell's bells, I ate them and they were good but this morning I'm a little bit upset in the stomach. Not bad. All will be well.
And it's a beautiful morning although the plane the Highway Patrol uses (I guess) to fly back and forth over the interstate is a little bit annoying.
I'm trying to figure out what to do with this beautiful day. Get in the garden? Mop some floors? Scrub the mildew off various surfaces?
Golly! All those options sound so good!

While I decide what to do and which costume to put on (i.e., which pair of overalls), take a moment to watch this video if you want. Anonymous sent it to me in a comment and it's too spot on. I found myself last night talking about my damn chickens to Roger at the art opening and I finally stopped myself and said, "Oh Roger, thank you for asking about my chickens," realizing at that very moment that really, he didn't want to hear about my chickens. He was just being polite.

Thanks, Anonymous!


  1. I visited the website that video came from and enjoyed a few more chicken videos.

    Maybe this could inspire you Ms. Moon. Huh? hint hint

    CHICKEN VIDEOS!!!!! (please)

  2. Madame Rebecca- Love you too, sweetie.

    Jill- Oh Lord. My video skills are nonexistent.

  3. That was HILARIOUS! And so true! Well, from what I hear anyway. Thanks for the laugh

  4. Priceless! Sweet Jo

  5. I am off to get my hair did, and then I'm going to clean every damn thing in this house. I could not be happier about my Saturday :):)

  6. This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing..

    And i'm glad your stomach trouble isn't too bad!

  7. That was fantastic. I love it, her and you!

  8. LOL -- funny! "Gateway livestock."

    By the way, I told Dave about the dentist situation and had him read the letter, and he was shocked too!


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