Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walk Slowly, Love Deeply

I think I'm getting sick and this is not a good time for that at all and probably if I am, it's only a cold but I couldn't walk very far or long today and my body aches and oh, you know.
One of those days.
But. Yes. Well.

I've cleared most of the decks this morning, the usual, trash, post office, a good stab at a walk, shower, laundry going. Etc. The boys will be here around 1:30 and I am missing them like a pain in the heart so I'm glad they're coming. I might just be a terrible grandmother today and insist that we swing and lay on the bed to read books and even (gasp!) watch Spongebob Squarepants who rather amuses me with his strange life and I keep asking Owen, "Does Spongebob live underwater?"
I am still not clear on that. Obviously, I do not really pay much attention to the show. I remember my grandfather, who hardly ever laughed, laughing quite literally out loud to the Flintstones. I wonder why that show tickled him so? I wonder what he would think of Spongebob Squarepants?

I wonder what my grandsons will remember about me? Will they remember smelling all of the spices or learning to grate nutmeg or the smell of the henhouse when we check eggs or the sound an iron skillet makes when I set it on the burner or the giant spiders that live on the side porch or making bread or dancing to the Rolling Stones or will it be something as mundane as the Chex Mix which is their special treat here?
I don't know. But I hope that whatever it is that they remember about me, I hope that when they do remember me, they remember, no, not remember, that they know, how fiercely I loved them. How in one person's eyes, they could do no wrong, they were infinitely beautiful and brilliant and adored.

That's what I hope.

All of that and of course, to paraphrase Woody Allen, to also be remembered for being immortal, but I'm not counting on that one.

So all that other stuff will have to do.

And it will.

Let's take it easy today. Let's use all the energy we have to love.



  1. Can't go wrong with SpongeBob.
    Or (and this is my opinion only) most anyone named Bob.

    Just saying.

  2. Hell, you've written them your love story - they have baby books of how much you love them, right here. They will LOVE having these years documented, and so will Lily and Jason, and their aunts and uncle.

  3. I had a relationship with my grandma that was amazing. I think that is a lot of why I especially enjoy witnessing your relationship with those grandbabies of yours.

    They will remember and they will FEEL, trust me.

  4. I remember my grandmother reading poetry to me and teaching me songs. She was so wonderful. And she did make great rice and bread pudding.

  5. Bob- Hello! Nice to meet you! Thanks for coming by, for leaving a comment. Bob is a fine name. I agree. And easy to spell!

    SJ- Yep. You're right. It's all right here.
    Every step. Literally.

    Jill- I'm thinking this is very true and it makes me very happy.

    Syd- That sort of makes me want to cry. Thanks for telling me that.

  6. I cannot imagine how your grandsons could not feel the genuine and precious love you have for them. They will feel and remember it in so very many ways - mostly in the way your whole being lights up when you see them. Happy 4th birthday to Sweet Owen today. Sweet Jo

  7. Sweet Jo- Where have you been? I was about to do a post and all it would say would be, "Sweet Jo! Where Are You?"
    I hope all is well with you.

  8. I've missed you and am glad to be back reading your wonderful posts. Things have been tough as they sometimes are - we all go through it. I am glad to be back, especially on a day when you talk about loving your family so much. S Jo

  9. Sweet Jo- Damn. I wish you'd been in Hawaii or something. I missed you too.

  10. Their love for you is already more than you can even imagine. It is so deeply rooted, so powerful strong and it will only become more so. It's so clear. They know. They know.

  11. I just know they'll remember and if they have a tiny fraction of forgetfulness, they'll have "bless our hearts" to remind them.


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