Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Froggy Day

If you click on that picture you might be able to see my little porch pet. He eats the bugs that are drawn to the light and just now I watched him go down the spout of a pot which holds water in the bottom for his morning liquid refreshment. I knew he had to be getting water somewhere but I didn't realize he was doing a little cave diving every time he was thirsty.

I got so much done yesterday. I bought new walking shoes and a new blender because ours died and we need a blender for our smoothies. I bought birthday cards and ran into people I know and I was glad to see them and when they asked how I was doing I could honestly answer, "I'm doing great!" and I was and I bought groceries and chatted with Lily and Jessie and Lis and planted the garden and slept very well.

And today...well. It's so gray. It's muggy. And when I was reading Dottie's obituary in the paper, I noticed the one next to it which is for a man I used to know back in the olden days and I haven't thought of him in years and now he's dead and well, damn.

I need to fire up that new blender and make my breakfast and I need to put on those new shoes and go walk. I need to do a lot of things. And here I sit, watching the frog and just a moment ago I saw a hummingbird taking off from the firespike. I am contemplating life and death. I am feeling completely enervated and unmotivated.

BUT! I'm going to get ON IT! I SWEAR! In a minute. Really.

And in the meantime, if you, too, are having a morning where you don't really feel like actually moving, here's a little video that I found via a post from Hank to May on Facebook. His comment about it was, "I'm not okay with any of this."
Hank is famous for his dislike of the frog. And watching this video will not make any of us feel warm and fuzzy about them. But...hey! It's great! And once again, I am reminded of how aliens live among us and how horrified we would be if we actually knew what was going on all the time.
Trust me.

And if that wasn't enough to fuck your dreams up for months, try this one.

You are welcome.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Cave diving, Hahahahaha. And that frog video was priceless. Once upon a time long, long ago on a trip to Belize with the Someone, frogs jumped out of our shower and attached themselves to his groin. He had just put on his pajama pants, or he'd probably still be shrieking. Hahahahaha.

  2. I don't dislike frogs, I am simply completely terrified of them.

  3. Up until 4 minutes ago I liked frogs.

  4. That frog one was super hilarity!

  5. Hmm. I just watched are construction of some guy getting constricted to death by his giant python - it decided to kill him instead of its weekly chicken. People are stupid. They really are. At least the frogs won't kill you, mostly. So yes, it's late, and I'll avoid the icky frog video. Nature films can be traumatising sometimes... I don't want to see anything eating anything else alive or anything like that tonight!

  6. Feeling a bit tired this morning too. But then got motivated to go drive around some more. I am getting bored now and want to go home.

  7. Denise- Is it evil of me to wish he had not yet put on his pajama bottoms?

    Mr. Downtown- Yes. That is a very important distinction. I can't believe you watched that video.

    Birdie- That made me laugh.

    Ms. Fleur- Glad you enjoyed it.

    Jo- You were probably wise to skip it. The frogs eating things was the least of the grossness.

    Syd- Can't you just go home? I know you want to.

  8. LOL -- I haven't tackled those videos yet. Maybe I will, and maybe I won't! Gotta admire the ingenuity of your porch frog, though. He has a good thing going.

  9. Holy Crap, that was funny. I may be a frog.
    Most of my mornings are mornings where I don't really feel like moving. I am in slomo most mornings.
    Today is no different.


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