Friday, September 6, 2013

One Rude Dentist

The art opening was wonderful and it was so much fun to go out with Lily, just us grown-up ladies. Roger and his wife, Sammy, hadn't seen Lily since she was a little girl and neither one of them could get over the fact that she's grown up now, a mother herself. "I remember you when you were this big," they said, raising their hands to about three feet off the ground.
"That's all you're going to hear from old people," said Roger.
We also saw an old friend of mine, another extremely talented artist, who is just the most charming woman. Stuart Riordan. She wanted to paint me when I was pregnant with Lily and it never happened and tonight she asked Lily if she could paint her. I was thrilled for Lily and wish with all my heart she'd accept. What an honor that would be and wouldn't that be something? How I wish I had let her paint me all those years ago.
Well, anyway.

After the opening we went out for Mexican dinner and that was nice, too. Our favorite part of the whole meal, though, was watching first a mother and then a father following their beautiful little sprite of a daughter walk around the restaurant. She made no noise or fuss, just happily wanted to walk on her tiny little feet in their tiny little pink shoes and every time she passed our table, Lily and I smiled. You can take the mama and the grandmama away from the babies but they'll find another one to admire.

So it was a good evening and now I'm home in Lloyd where it has rained and so it's cool and in fact, there is still a bit of dripping going on. I went and closed up my pretty hens and Elvis and told them good night and fed the cat.

But all of that is not really what I came here to write about.
Do you remember the episode with the dental assistant and Owen? 
So many of you wrote comments about how appalled you were and I wrote and sent a letter to the dentist about it and how we felt about it and so forth and today, Lily and Jason got this in the mail:

Click on that fucker.

I never mentioned the name of the dentist or the office when I wrote about the whole deal here because, know. Maybe it was an aberration.
I no longer feel any compunction to protect any identities. And honestly, why should I?
In a strange twist of fate, Lily and Jason had just gotten notice about a new family dental practice which will take their insurance plan so good timing.
It's just so fucking cocky of that office. Not even one attempt at talking or trying to work things out...just...YOU'RE FIRED! WE DON'T NEED YOUR BUSINESS! WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT US! AND WE WILL EMOTIONALLY ABUSE ANY CHILD WE WANT! BUH-BYE!
Who runs a business this way? Seriously?
So if you or anyone you know in the Tallahassee area is wondering what pediatric dentist to take their child to, I would not recommend the office of Carey, Carey, and Jones.
Even though they do have that Keurig coffee maker in the waiting room which is pretty damn awesome.
Nah, they can take their K-cups and put 'em where the sun don't shine.

And that's about the most ballsy thing you'll ever hear from me here but I'm a tad bit upset. I mean, that was just rude. And callus. And unprofessional.
And not sweet.

I wonder how many damn boat payments for that dentist I made as a young mother, taking my own kids there.

Well, that's about it for me tonight. Time for bed. I really hope not to dream about dead people tonight. I'd much rather dream about the living, especially if they're sweet and loving.
Speaking of which, I spoke to Mr. Moon. They have not killed an alligator yet but they are seeing things like this.

There. That's a nice image to leave us all with.

Night, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. How rude. Good riddance to them. That is such a fucked up response. I'm still glad you wrote that letter! Tell everyone! They've shown exactly who they are.

  2. Angella- No kidding. That was just weird and wrong.

  3. I agree with Angella. They've shown their true colors. Good riddance, indeed!!

  4. Holy...that is not okay, and seriously you are better off without that kind of nonsense. For the amount we pay dentists, they bloody well better understand that we are the customer and THEY are working for us...what the hell?

  5. Interesting that they didn't try to communicate in a manner that would be helpful. Perhaps they have so much business that it doesn't matter to them. Odd and unhelpful response.

  6. The arrogance! I have a diploma as a Dental Office Receptionist and what is going on is wrong and this dentist needs to be reported. In BC we make complaints to the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia.

    I wouldn't let this go. Like any abusive situation, the bully takes away your power and makes you feel stupid. They want you to think that YOU are the one with the problem. They want you to give up. Clearly that is what this dentist is doing.

    The sad thing is, that are a lot of dentists out there that are egotistical. They don't live by the same rules as a physicians but they should. The incident that happened would never have happened at a doctors office.

  7. I am appalled by the response you got from the dentist. It showed a lack of respect and a complete dismissal of a customer who has supported his business for years and years with your own kids. It is unbelievable to me that they would not look at a situation and try to see where feedback from such a long time customer can be used to make their business better. I seriously doubt more will come from taking your time taking this further up the chain of command but I would definitely go on Yelp and the dentist's website, etc., all places people seeking out dentists might go and honestly review them. They are complete assholes. It seems the son who inherited his dad's business has taken much for granted. I am glad Jason and Lily have another option. I also hope Lily allows herself to be painted, that would be very cool. I wish you a dream free night. Sweet Jo

  8. Lily would make the most wonderful model for a painter! And as for the letter, time to move on, definitely.
    Leave those dental Careys and their Jones.

  9. That is VERY strange, and yes, unprofessional. To give a patient who has expressed a complaint or concern a big "F--- You" is just, well, an offense to dentistry! If the staff's behavior is similar with other patients they'll see a pattern and their business will suffer, so I wouldn't worry. You've done your part and now it's time to move on to someone who will treat you and Owen with some respect.

  10. This is totally OT, but I thought you might enjoy this. Sorry if you've seen it already!

  11. I do agree its time to move on to a dentist worthy of your family but I also think you should give this whole messed up affair ten more minutes to review the dentist on yelp, his website and wherever people looking for dentists can see it. Don't think of it as a return fuck you (although I confess to being a little inspired by the idea of that). Think of it as helping another family not to have to go through what yours did. Hugs.

  12. And I love the mental image of you and lily at the art opening. It's full of light, as any painting of you both would also be. I hope lily sits for the artist.

  13. I really hope the word gets out about this dentist and his practice suffers. I don't understand why the medical and dental communities don't have to practice good customer service.

  14. OMG. That's the kind of thing that prevents me from being a Buddhist.
    Compassion and understanding go flying out the fucking door.
    A plague on that dentist!

  15. Wow! Unbelievable. glad you will be going elsewhere. Makes you wonder what they're doing back there with the kids when there aren't any parents there. A kid shouldn't be so stressed they run out crying anyway. He didn't get a tooth pulled, just a cleaning.

  16. what a jackass. reminds me of my brother-in-law who told his wife that she will never be as important as he is because he's a dentist and she was just a stay at home mom. they're divorced now. also reminds me of the nurse practitioner where I went for my well woman gyn exams. she decided, after going to some seminar, that I was anorexic because I was thin. never mind that my mother was the same way (learned behavior she called it), that I was in my mid-40s, that I ate plenty and did not make myself throw up, that I did not have a poor body image, etc. she told me to look up the symptoms of anorexia on the 'net and I would see that what she said was true, but 'I don't expect you'll be back because I'm telling you something you don't want to hear' were her parting words to me. So yeah, I looked up the symptoms of anorexia and out of about 12 or 15 there were one or two that might apply but one or two might apply to every single person on the planet. she also told me that visit, when I told her I could not swallow big pills like the calcium she wanted me to take, that they get stuck in my throat, to 'grow up'. well, she was right about one thing. I never went back to her.

  17. I, too, am amazed that a dental practice that your family went to for years would handle it in this way. Birdie seems spot on with her analogy to bullies taking away power; they made no effort to reach out and discuss the situation.

    Onward to better things.... lovely paintings and beautiful photos!

  18. Holy crap. That dentist. I am super shocked. First I was shocked at how they treated Owen and now I am shocked that they are this STUPID and just plan MEAN.

    First, Jason and Lily need to write a google review for the f-ers. Then you can write one too since you were there to see the meanness (plus you took your kids there so you're a customer). And then I am telling ya in all seriousness you guys should push this. Plaster this story to kingdom come.

  19. Your instincts were right! They aren't compassionate! What a bag of dicks! I'd make sure that Lily let's every one of her young mother friends know which place to avoid.

  20. I just told those dentists what I thought of them on facebook - they probably won't let it post but at least they know they suck.

  21. Mama D- Yep. They were quite clear as to their feelings.

    Donna- Obviously they are doing pretty well and don't need our business.

    Syd- Exactly. It's almost funny.

    Birdie- Nah, I'm not even going to bother to report them. I don't feel stupid. At this point, I just feel pretty amused. What jerks! Time to move on. If this sort of thing happens a lot there, it'll catch up to them eventually.

    Sweet Jo- I don't have a Yelp account and honestly, I'm not interested in breaking anyone's rice bowl (and what a fancy rice bowl they have!). I'd rather just get on with it. Does that make me lazy? Probably.
    I agree. Lily should model for Stuart.

    A- I know! A dentist named Carey!

    Steve Reed- That is precisely how I feel about it.

    Anonymous- THANK YOU! I loved it! I posted it!

    Angella- I am not one to get in a scrap with anyone and I really feel that's what it would lead to. And if Lily wants to do those things, I support her in it. At this point, I've done my grandma job.
    And it was so nice to go out with that girl. So nice.

    Gail- My own dentist sure is nice. I don't understand the attitude of this pediatric dentist. It was just so incredibly wrong for that assistant to threaten to take away Owen's toy if he didn't stop crying. It really was heartbreaking.

    Yobobe- Well, I guess we can TRY to be compassionate in all situations but sometimes we just have to unleash our inner warrior. Or something like that. Fuck it.

    Kristin- It was a filling but still- yeah. The fact that they didn't want Lily to come back with Owen was a red flag in my opinion. Who are they to decide that shit?

    Ellen Abbott- Okay. That NP had about the worst bedside manner I've ever heard of. What a jerk! I'm so glad you never went back. She must have had some pretty severe problems herself.
    "Grow up?" Fuck her.

    Sylvia- Exactly!

    Jill- Ah, I'm not that type. I said what I needed to say and that's all I need to do. For me. The way I am.

    heartinhand- I love the expression, "A bag of dicks." I need to remember to use it more. I am serious about that.

    Jill- You go girl!

  22. I understand this feeling totally. It is exactly how we were treated at Tall. Peds after that freaking woman practically ripped Harley's fucking foreskin and it got so irritated we couldn't even give him a bath for days! NOT A SINGE WORD OF APOLOGY.

    Fuckers. Good thing you found out sooner than later I guess. Digging in the dirt will most likely help ground that mad on.

  23. Good freaking Lord! I'm joining this party late, but that is just outrageous. It's also making me laugh -- so incredibly lame. I bet the dentist is having an affair with that nurse.

  24. Ms. Fleur- Fuck those "professionals" who do not respect our babies.

    Elizabeth- I had that same feeling and wondered the same thing.

  25. UGH. I'm astounded. AND gratified people are saying fuck a lot, because I certainly would have if it hadn't been said already. You make sure and tell EVERYONE about this. Bleh.


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