Saturday, September 21, 2013


Well, I downloaded the new iPhone operating system last night. I don't know if Steve Jobs would like the graphics. Seems a little candy-colored to me but then again, he did come up with the iMac so maybe. As to how it works and so forth, I'll let you know. The good news is that I seem to have all of my contacts and stuff which is always a plus.

Also, a voice mail left last night telling me that someone I know and love is in the hospital which makes two people I know and love in the hospital and I may have to go there although I would rather have a few bamboo shoots stuck under my fingernails.
I need to go to town anyway. I'm almost out of books to read with my eyes and the book I'm reading with my ears sucks and I can't concentrate on it and that will not do.
And seeds. I need to buy seeds. Collards and mustards and lettuces.

Oh god. Town. Errands. It'll be all right. I'll go and come back.

I don't even know what it is I want to do these days. I seem to just concentrate on what I should do which is pretty meaningless as a guide if you ask me because I'm the one defining should. 

Maybe I should fly to Mexico.

Probably not.

Who knows? Not me.

As Always...Ms. Moon


  1. I'll check whether I need the new OS from Apple on my iPhone. I don't think I could survive without that phone. Well, yes I could, but it sure is handy.

  2. I'll meet you in Mexico. We'll sneak out on the sly.

    X B

  3. I vote for Mexico too.

    I hate leaving the house just like you - I put it off until it is practically an emergency.

  4. It's always the right time to fly to Mexico. xo

  5. You know it's Mexico time. At least time to plan a flight away, if not leave right now.

    Maybe you should meet your girly blogger friends there if Mr M can't go with you!

  6. Syd- If we HAD to, we could live without it. Obviously. But we don't. And I'm grateful.

    Beth Coyote- Do not tempt me, you Temptress!

    Jill- Like running out of library books and toilet paper? That's me.

    Lisa- You are so wise.

    Jo- Mr. Moon CAN always go with me. Now...will he?

  7. i think the new iOS 7 graphics are so flat, so unspecial, so lacking the design genius of one steve jobs. i think he would never have approved these primary colored squares. he would have sent them back to the drawing board. now the iPhone looks like every other smartphone. well, that's my two cents anyway.

    and yes. you SHOULD go to mexico. oh yes.

  8. I was informed by my sons that the new iPhone graphics were copies of the Android. I am a proud Android owner and have resisted the whole iPhone thing -- much to their horror. I appear to have ratcheted up a bit in their estimation.

  9. I'm so looking forward to going home so I can go back to hating to leave it for town errands.
    Soldier on.

  10. Angella- I am completely with you on the graphics. Steve is rolling in his grave.
    Mexico. Hush now.

    Elizabeth- I keep telling myself, "It's only a fucking phone." Of course, it's so much more. But really- does it matter what the icons look like? Probably more to teenaged boys than it does to me.

    Yobobe- WHEN will that beautiful day happen? That you get to go home? Love...M


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