Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Train Will Be Leaving The Station...At Some Point

Gibson is still asleep and the rest of us are up but no one seems to be headed towards ready-to-leave with any sort of alacrity.
Owen just turned on the Rolling Stones and his mother told him to turn it down.
Kids do not get the concept of "waking up." They wake up and they are awake, 99% on go and within seconds are revved up to 100%. I believe that one of the best things about being old is not having to try and match my adult waking-up process to that of a child's.

Anyway, good morning, and I am certain that we will be on the road within oh, hours.

That's a picture from last night's toothbrushing festival.

Gibson is awake. Good morning. 

Stay tuned for reports and pictures of the good times ahead.


  1. Looking forward to reports and pictures.
    Yes, I think that's one of the worst things about being an "older" mother; On a school day I set my alarm for an hour before the kids need to be up. An hour for coffee and to rev myself up to (or as near as possible to) their level of awake ie. dancing, singing, tearing round the house.
    Love the boys' tattoos

  2. I was going to comment on the awesome tattoos as well. You know after 40 years as a blue collar factory girl it took me until this summer to learn how to wake up like an adult. All those years of jumping up at the alarm getting dressed as quickly as possible grabbing my thermos then screaming out the door. Ugh. Now I languish and I won't be budged from my languishment unless I'm hitting the road for something better.

    I have some tatts to send your boys.

  3. I am currently in the midst of my hour-long waking up. Something I only get to do on the weekends.

    I'm super excited for this trip you are taking us all on. I think it's the boys and Lily being your travel companions that has me pumped.

    Owens haircut sure is cute.

  4. Yes, good morning to you and the family. It is a good morning here. We are cleaning up the remaining huge pieces of the tree by splitting them and then carrying them to the woodshed which is now about 60 feet long.

  5. Currently I am doing my waking up routine of drinking coffee and reading blogs. Sometimes it takes about an hour to wake up. Other days I don't wake up at all.

    Love the matching shirts!

  6. So sweet -- that photo. They remind me so much of my own boys nearly ten years ago! Oy.

  7. I can't wait to hear of your fun! Sweet Jo


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