Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All Is Well

We went to see Melissa. This is the kind of hair-stylist she is:
When I told her I would like her to cut three or four inches off, she said, "That much?"
Now if you have long hair, you know how rare this is. How many times have I asked a hair stylist to just take off an inch, only to leave the place in a simmering rage because he or she cut off four?
She's awesome.

Here she is, consulting with her client.

She is listening. She is taking him seriously. And he was the best boy and didn't wiggle or wriggle or whine or worry. 

Here's the result.

Do you think he likes it? 

I like the way mine turned out too. It is perfect for me. 

After we got our hair done, we all went to the Black Bean Cafe where we met Hank for lunch. We sat outside and it was so very nice. The boys were good and the day was lovely. 

We have told Owen that the next time he wants a haircut, to please just tell us and we will make an appointment. No need to cut his own hair. Melissa can do it for him. And then, there's lollypops to be had afterwards. Gibson got one too although he did not get a haircut. 

It was a very fine day in town.  


  1. OMG! That face! His smile makes me smile.

  2. Adorable!


  3. May I please swipe these photos for Melissa's website? :) I can only think that of course that is the look Owen was trying for from the beginning. :)

  4. We would like to see your haircut, as well.

  5. Oh wow, he is so adorable, and looks great with his new hair. Love that excitement!

  6. I love how Melissa intently listens to her little client. I love Owen's smiling face and his awesome new look. I'd love to see your haircut too. she indeed take as much off as you'd asked for? And I am glad you met up with Hank and had a fine day with your family. When is Mr Moon coming home? Sweet Jo

  7. The adorableness around here is quite frankly getting out of hand.

  8. Wow, what a rescue job! Melissa is a true professional!

  9. Birdie- He was so happy.

    Invisigal- Isn't he changing so fast?

    Lopo- Of course you can! Melissa is just the best, best.

    Allison- It's the same, only shorter.

    Lora- You know about little boys and their hair. It is a big deal.

    Sweet Jo- Yes. Melissa took him completely seriously. What a different experience from the dentist! I think she took about two inches off. Not so much. She just trimmed it up. Mr. Moon may be coming home today. Quite possible.

    Nicol- Yes. No heaviness there.

    Ms. RiotGrrl- Where have you been?

    Gradydoctor- One of Lily's friends says that he looks so much like Mr. Moon in that picture. Pretty swoony indeed.

    Jill- I feel that way frequently.

    Steve Reed- Isn't she amazing?

  10. I just realized now when you said "the boys were good". That you were talking about Owen and Gibson and not Owen and Hank! haha! He's been known to make some mischief too!

    Glad ya'll had fun.

  11. Owen looks great! And good grief, your haircut, my haircut Me Too - we both had the same stylist experience, I said the same thing, she said the same thing back and I got the same result as you. Miracles happen!

  12. Owen is too cute with his fauxhawk and that tiger t-shirt is kick-ass.

  13. Owen looks really happy. Pretty cool dude.


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