Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Randomness

It is Friday and I have taken my walk and I'm about to do a little yard work while I'm still sweaty and stinky and no, that's not a lovely image but it's the honest truth.

I stopped by the post office, as I always do, on my way home and the three things that I ordered last week arrived. A toy for Owen's birthday, a new CD Walkman and new earphones. And don't you judge me on that Walkman. Just don't.

Thank you.

Okay- here's something I've been meaning to say- you know how "they" always say that to descratch and restore a CD you should rub it with a banana peel? That's a cruel and stupid hoax. That does nothing but gum up your CD. I mean...are bananas magic? Well, in a smoothie or peanut butter and honey sandwich, yes. On a CD? Fuck no. Urban fucking myth.
I always see these things, mostly on Facebook for "natural" solutions to everyday problems. You know, put out cider vinegar with dish soap in it to attract and kill gnats? And different ways to repurpose shit to make your life more groovy and your home more interesting? Like, using an old rake head to hang your jewelry from?

Oh, pu-leeze.

None of that bug crap works in Florida. And who wants an old rake hanging in their bedroom? (Said the woman who has so much crap nailed and tacked to her walls that it's ridiculous.)

Anyway, okay, said that. There's just way too much fucking cleverness going on in the world these days if you ask me and it's probably 99% the fault of social media including Facebook and Pinterest. Not that I've even peered into the windows of Pinterest. No way.
And someone please tell me what Google + is. I keep getting e-mails telling me about "friends I may know on Google +!" Billy is always one of them. I asked him once what Google + was and he said, and I quote, "I don't know shit about Google +."
Do y'all know? Am I on it?

Okay, remember this site?

I still love that site.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day here in Lloyd and we had such a good time with the boys yesterday. There was no random peeing and everyone was extremely well-behaved and loving. Owen and I discussed how he and Gibson will visit when Boppy and I build our house in Apalachicola and move there. (I am saying that as often as possible to convince myself that yes, we are going to do it because frankly, I panic every time I think about it, even though it's a beautiful plan) and he said that yes, he would visit and sleep on the couch. I told him that actually, he and Gibson would have a room they could sleep in. With beds and everything. He liked that idea.
He picked two flowers to take home to his mother and when he was telling his grandfather good-bye, he whispered to him that he should pick a flower for MerMer.
The child is giving his grandfather romance advice.
Which is sound advice, I might add.
Gibson is completely enamored of the chickens these days and will cry if I don't take him out to the kitchen porch to feed them. He will feed them out of his own tiny hands and when he sees them, he waves frantically and yells, "Hey! Hey chickens!" He does say the word "chicken" but it doesn't sound exactly like chicken.
He still refers to the dogs as "kittah" no matter how much we attempt to teach him differently. He loves the dogs. He lays his head on Buster's back and closes his eyes in happiness. He is such an affectionate child, as is his brother.

Well, I better get moving. It's getting hotter by the second. The hurricane lilies have suddenly poked their stems up and will be blooming any second. Once again, I have gone through my annual shock at their appearance. They are like a secret the earth keeps from me until a certain day in September.

I'll do a better picture when the blooms open. They are lovely and yes, bloom during hurricane season.

Good morning.
Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You know I come here first thing every morning to find out what's happening in Lloyd what's happened in your life. Even before I read my email even before coffee is ready.

  2. yes, life is good. it is still so hot here and no rain. we've pulled most everything out of the garden and tilled it. looking for the ants with my soapy water with orange oil that love to move in. they go back and forth from garden to old clothesline post and back again.

    I know what you mean about a future move away from the grandkids. mine had lived next door to me all their lives until we moved. they were so sad and so was I even though I did want to move out of the city. We had the country house for several years before we actually transferred out residence. I still miss them coming in every day to see us.

  3. I collect sites with the word fuck in them, I was just laughing at/with one called motherfucking good to laugh so hard your kids come check on you!

  4. Hooray for no more vent peeing! The vision of Gibson greeting the chickens and feeding them is precious. I can't believe how much he has grown and is doing.

    You know, we never made it to Weeki Wachi...(misspelled?) Anyway, I'm looking forward to photos of that and also the stories of your adventures. I hope to take Harley someday.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Rebecca- That thought makes me happier than you can know.

    Ellen Abbott- And it's not just the grandchildren. When we moved into this house, I truly thought I would be dying in it one day. Oh my. Change can be good, though, right?

    Big Mamabird- I love, love, love to make people laugh. So...thank you.

    Ms. Fleur- I am sorry Harley never got to see the mermaids. You need to take him soonish because for boys, especially, I think, there is a window of time in which mermaids can be believed in.

  6. LOL -- you make me laugh, you really do.

    I did not even know you could GET a new CD walkman. (As you called it.) I thought pretty much everything was MP3 or bust these days.

    And I have NEVER heard of rubbing your CD with a banana peel! What?!

    Apalachicola will be wonderful when the time comes.

  7. Okay, so I've been excitedly waiting for a need to try your recently-posted recommendation for using fabric softener as a mosquito repellent (after an unusually skeeter-infested camping trip in Maine). But was that just another urban/rural/cyberspace myth? Say it isn't so!

  8. Steve Reed- Do not laugh at me, man! That's what it says ON THE DEVICE! CD Walkman. And yes, they do make them. Sony made this one. AND it is an AM/FM receiver. And the library is filled with audio books on CD's.
    Don't even try the banana peel. I find that rubbing alcohol is best to clean these things.

    Anonymous- Since Downy contains actual "chemicals" I am not discounting that one yet.

  9. O! Thank you for that Fuck your Noguchi site. I like it.
    And I want to know what google + is also.
    love to you on this Friday and every other day.

  10. "The child is giving his grandfather romance advice."

    Made me laugh out loud.

    I too hate all the "advice" and "inspiration" passed around endlessly on FB. Don't even get me started on all the fucking recipes. Gak.


    P.S. the fabric softener doesn't faze the mosquitoes up here.

  11. The web filter at work is so random. I was able to read your post there, but when I tried to comment it blocked me because it thought I was going to a website about sex. What?

    Anyway, I used my Sony Discman just last month – listening to an audio book when I had to drive the car that has the broken CD player. Remember when having a car with even a tape deck was the ultimate in luxury?

    Oh, & Google+ was supposed to be the next Facebook, but it never really caught on. And I don’t go to Pinterest to look for things – I just “pin” stuff I want to remember (mostly crochet patterns).

    Lastly, I LOVE this: “They are like a secret the earth keeps from me until a certain day in September.”

  12. Steve 's comment made me laugh cause I did not know they made them new either and I'd never heard of the banana peel cleaning trick. But if course I was not laughing at you, just Steve's comment... A.buuletin board is a great way to hang necklaces so they don't get tangled - in your closet where no one can see it. Not that you asked for anyone stupid ideas. I am off to face my sins of the year on this holy Jewish holiday. It is the only holiday I observe. I think I am sickly attracted to beating myself up for bad things I think I do and hoping to get another chance at being a better person. Have a good weekend and fun time with the mermaids. Sweet Jo

  13. Yobobe- And thank you and love to you and for you every day. And I enjoyed going to the produce store with you this afternoon. Very much.

    Stubblejumpin Gal- Well, I have not tried the Downy thing. I believe it may require the ANTIBACTERIAL kind. Please. Just pass the damn DEET and get it done.

    The Bug- I love my Disc player and that is that. And my memory is so bad that yes, every year I am surprised again at the hurricane lilies which is sort of wonderful.

    Sweet Jo- Well, to be quite honest, I have an old wooden-frame mirror in my bathroom which I have hammered tiny nails in and I use that to hang necklaces and earrings from. Haha! But a RAKE? Give me a break.
    And what in the world do you have to atone for, you sweet thing? Well, if it makes you feel better...

  14. Umm...I don't recall you mentioning that site, and I read your whole damn blog - twice! This FYNCT site is the one I have been searching my whole life for. Wait...does that sound a little weird, like my sister is right and I do have Tourette's damn Syndrome or Asperger's or some other brain abnormality? Why oh why do I love blogs that swear a lot?


  15. I am not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. (Well, I'm kind of laughing at you.) But yes, you ARE completely correct that libraries are full of audiobooks on CD. We have a ton of them. Needless to say, only parents check them out, never the kids. I thought Sony had retired the Walkman name long ago, so thanks for bringing me up to date on that factoid!

  16. Invisigal- You've read my entire blog twice? Dear god. I am blown away. You deserve an award. Okay, your reward is that web site! Yay!
    (Sorry. Best I can do at this moment.)

    Steve Reed- It's all right. I'm here to serve and keep you updated on the very cutting edge of technology.


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