Sunday, September 22, 2013

Not So Bad

For some reason, I think I look cute tonight. Maybe it's because I have on my funereal make-up. Or is funereal make-up what they put on a corpse? Whatever. 
Obviously, I did not wear that outfit to the funeral. No, I was appropriate. I swear. 
I spent most of the service in the nursery with Owen and Gibson. Phew. Because I was having a hard time with the hymns (they sing every verse- Every. Verse) and the scripture and basically all of it so when the boys needed to be removed from the scene, I happily accompanied them and it was a fine nursery with lots and lots of toys and books. So we had a good time. 
I'm sure it was a good service. 

Isn't that a nice apron? Judy and Denise gave it to me. They're such lovies.  

I'm making pizza. The dough is rising right now. Life seems pretty sweet at this moment. Mr. Moon got the garden weeded AND tilled and now the old woman (me) can get in there and plant some seeds and plants. I'm pretty excited about that. The planting is always the best. It's like a sort of cosmic impregnating, isn't it? You impregnate the dirt with the possibility of life. Possibilities allow for a sort of perfection which reality never fulfills. As we all know, in about a month I'll be bitching about how something stole all my seeds out of the dirt and how nothing is coming up except for weeds and blah, blah, blah. 
This is the way I garden. 
I start with great hopes and end with frustration and ant bites but for now, it is an important part of my life and so I continue. 

All right. That's the report. I went to a funeral and got to play with Owen and Gibson. And the meatballs and cookies were excellent. 

Gotta go chop the vegetables. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. u do look cute Ms. Moon! Hope you have a great week!

  2. There is something primal about planting. In all its forms. I love you!

  3. You look excellent up there. I think it's the apron. I read a few entries down and as a Buddhist, I'm an atheist. I mean, there's nature and dirt and trees and gardens and babies and chickens. When we die, we turn back into dirt. And our job while we're here is to be kind to one another. Period. And that kindness is often in short supply around here on this earth. So being kind is a radical act. Not because we won't get to heaven if we're mean or some other carrot. Just to be kind, for it's own sake. Because we can choose to.

    Humph, anyway.

    Goodnight dear Mary in your apron and your everlasting gardening.

    XXX Beth

  4. roy- Hello! Are you new here? Welcome and thank you for taking time to comment. Come back often.

    SJ- True, and true, and true.

    Betsy- Haha! It's the apron.

    Beth Coyote- Wait. Am I a Buddhist too? Because I don't think that doing anything to get to heaven is valid. Yes. Just do it because it's right.
    I should send you an apron. They rock. Especially when worn with pearls.

  5. You do look adorable in that photo in your funereal make-up. Although that usage implies your make-up makes you look dead, so I'm thinking you look beautiful in your finery.

  6. Yes, cute and mischievous. Glad you had an escape hatch. Those Catholic sermons can be brutal... All the up and downing is a drag too. BUT.. you didn't have to do any of it! YAY!

  7. Adorable. Positively! I really like your glasses.

  8. There is definitely something fulfilling about gardening -- even for city dwellers doing it in pots!

    Besides, as I recall, your garden produces quite a lot! You're cooking from it all the time! :)

  9. Big Mamabird- It was a short window in time of cuteness.

    Elizabeth- Damn. I should have looked that up.

    Ms. Fleur- It wasn't a Catholic service.

    Denise- Really? I am currently hating them. Plus, I can't really see out of them very well. Which of course has little to do with the frames. But they are red, which is a plus.

    Steve- You know, it's true. I always bitch about the garden's output but I do cook a lot from it.

  10. and yes, not bad at all. Pretty dang cute is what and I love the apron. I love almost all aprons. and scarves.

  11. You are beautiful I think you should have worn the apron to the funeral. Now that the rain is back it's time to put my garden to bed except for the winter plants which will probably float out to sea as they do every year. Lovely Mary. I wish I could tell you what I see in you.

  12. of course you look delightful in your apron and mirror posing..lovely to see you are having a great day... love all the pics and chats about your little boys!! special greetings for the old uk!! JANZI

  13. Yobobe- You can have ALL the scarves. I never know what to do with them. They fall off me. I don't have the scarf gene.

    Rebecca- You just made my heart happy. Thank you.

    Janzi- I love greetings from the UK! Thank-you!

  14. Wow. I thought they were...? Who knew!

  15. Stephanie- It was a magical moment in time. I swear.

  16. A fetching photo for sure. We have got the garden ready but while I should be planting, I am up here in VA. When I get back....


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