Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Day

Could there be a prettier color than that of the Beauty Berry?
I probably say the same thing every year. Who can remember such a thing?

It is Monday and thus, a new week. I have never understood beginning the week with Sunday and I refuse to take part in such nonsense. I took a walk and it was fine. I saw another human's footprints which was disconcerting but they seemed to lead both from and back to the horse farm where part of my walk dead ends. Perhaps another person is out getting exercise, a wiser person who gets out earlier than I do.

There is little to report here. It is all the same-same. A hen just laid an egg and Elvis has run to fetch her back to the flock. Ms. Leola came out of her trailer house and hailed me when I was on the last stretch of the walk. We chatted for a moment and I was glad to see her. She is a sweet woman. I need to take her more eggs. I got an e-mail this morning from a man whom I knew when we were children in Roseland. He found me through the blog. Isn't that something? He told me that Joy Holtzclaw, the store owner, was actually named Joey. I wonder if I ever knew that. If I did, I have forgotten. I wonder if her real true name was Josephine. He asked me to write him back and I did. It feels somewhat strange to be in communication with someone I knew from back in those days. As if during an archaeological study of some place, a living fossil arose, breathing and with all feathers in place. Not calling this man old- he is one year older than I am, I believe. But still. I remember where his house was. I remember he had quite a few brothers and sisters. I remember when his dog got hit by a car. And here he is- alive and living. The last time I saw him he was what? Twelve years old? And now he must be sixty.
Lord. I am the living fossil.

Anyway, here it is. Monday. The Beauty Berry is giving the woods flashes of fuchsia and the butterflies are in great abundance, some hovering over the wild flowers of fall, others hovering over piles of coon crap.
They are all beautiful.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I have seen so few butterflies this year. I went to the gym Saturday and my legs are still so sore it's hard to walk. I should go back today but I have too too much work to get done.

  2. Fuchsia is my favorite color and so very pretty in nature. I love how you take the reader from images of the wild flowers of fall to unexpected coon crap all in one breath. BTW, I hear you about the concern about spending too much time in blog land. Even without having a blog, a lot of time can be spent reading and sometimes I know I should be getting other stuff done. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and some very nice reading too. Sweet Jo

  3. That colour is magnificent.

    And yes, Monday is the first day of the week. Unless you are a practicing Jew and then it can be Sunday.

  4. I don't know why, but your feed is not working on my blog and I have to scroll down my blog roll to see whether you've posted or not. That's why I haven't commented as much as usual, but you know I'm always here, reading.

    And that IS a beautiful color -- hard to believe, sometimes, what occurs in nature!

  5. The Beauty Berry really IS beautiful. You really give us a sense of place with your posts! And how great that someone from your past found you through the blog.

  6. The beauty berry bushes are purpling up here too. They signal fall to me just as the sulphur butterflies do.


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