Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oh. He Is Home And I Am Languid

He's home, well and truly, and his Canadian friend is on the plane to his home and it's so nice to have this man back again. He's about to mow the grass and it's been a lazy, easy morning and we didn't get out of bed until nine.
Well, he got out of bed at four-something to take the Canadian to the airport but he was back in bed before I'd realized he'd even gone. It is just like some sort of a miracle to have him home, and I am taken aback once again, even after all of these years at how tall he is, how long his legs and arms, how sweet his skin feels against mine.

I am reminded once again of how lucky I am.

And the boys are coming back out but not until after three and Mr. Moon brought me home shrimp and smoked mullet and I don't even have a plan for today although possibly I'll go to the grocery store for milk and juice and oh, I don't know.

On Sunday May and Lily and I are going to go down to Weeki Wachee Springs with the boys and we're so excited. We're going to spend two nights and see the mermaids and the animal show and play in the springs. This is one of my fondest dreams come true. To take my grandsons to a place I loved so as a child and took all of my own children to. We shall do the park and we can swim in the motel pool in the evenings and oh, honeys! it's going to be fabulous!

Well, obviously I am too brain-dead to actually write anything of worth so there you go. It's taken me approximately two hours to get this much down.

Lazy day. I like it, I am not apologizing for it, and there you go.


  1. There is something so sweet about reading your blog and hearing the lilt in your voice. Your Man, your babies, their babies, everyone where they should be. Nice

  2. Rock that contented lazy feeling...being in a good 'now' space is the best!

  3. At night, no matter what has happened in my day, no matter how I feel or what strange questions arise in my mind, when my HE pulls me in, I know I'm exactly where I need to be.

  4. If this post is what comes of being brain dead, gimme some!

  5. I'm getting ready to head to NC to spend a week with my family & even though I was pretty excited when I planned it, now I'm already missing my husband - & I don't even leave until Tuesday! We've been married 22 1/2 years & I think we've been apart for longer than 3 days maybe twice. Guess it's time to go for time #3...

  6. Contentment, safety and fun to look forward to. I am glad for you. Sweet Jo

  7. What? No gator tail???

    Weeki Wachee Springs sounds dreamy...especially with two daughters and two grandsons...can't wait to hear about it and see photos!

  8. Glad that Mr. Moon is home and that you are happy. I'm always glad to get back home after being away. It's all about love.

  9. OMG, I am so looking forward to your Weeki Wachee posts. Remember how I tried to convince my mom to go there while I was visiting Florida in July, and she REFUSED?! I want to send her your posts as evidence that it is a fabulous place, and I have never been because she never took me there as a child, so she owes me.


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