Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm Just A Wild And Crazy Girl

I am being a lazy ass today. I stayed up way too late, mostly texting and don't ask me why. Two of the people I was texting were Hank and Lily and knowing me as they do, they both asked me what I was doing up so late.
It's a damn rare night when I stay up past eleven, much less...well, almost one.
Good God!
I tried to sleep late. I really did but I woke up at 7:30 and although I forced myself to lie there for awhile, I finally had to admit defeat and just get up.

And I did take a walk which I thought was going to be a horror because I got started late enough for the heat to really take hold and also, that lack of enough sleep, but it turned out to be a fine walk and I saw the tracks of deer and fox and raccoon as well as my own from yesterday, a nice assortment of butterflies and dragonflies, and some extremely burly tadpoles in a puddle which has been rainfed so well that it's now a small pond with its own ecosystem. And I've had a smoothie and I talked to Mr. Moon and yes, they've already had eggs and pork chops at El Jalisco's for breakfast and are out buying stuff to hunt gator with.
(Don't ask me.)
Their tags don't let them start until 5:00 this afternoon so they're getting all geared up. Pun intended.

Mr. Moon told Owen that if he catches a gator he's going to get me a pair of gator hide boots made and he told Owen that it was a secret but I'm pretty sure that Owen either doesn't get the concept of a secret or, like his Aunt Jessie when she was a child, loves nothing more than to tell secrets and tell them frequently. He keeps reminding me about the gator boots his Boppy is going to have made for me and I'm not really sure how I feel about that. Well, it's a moot point at this point.

I have also talked to Lily this morning. I may go into town later to see Owen at his first real Tai Quan Do class. Is that how you spell it? I don't know. Anyway, I guess there's a thing where in the first class, they let the kids break a board with their hand (Lily assures me it is more like a flatbread than an actual board) and then they give them their first belt. One could hardly envision anything more exciting than this, I suppose. I keep thinking of all the things I could do if I wanted to and the vast number of my choices has me paralyzed. A brand new Bass Pro World opened up in Tallahassee yesterday and the damn governor of the state even showed up. I am pretty sure that's one option I can cross off my list, visiting that store.
Definitely not a bra-worthy event for me.

Anyway, here I am. Hello, hello!

I think it may be nap time.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yeah - bra worthy is a pretty high standard around here!

    I'm just back from the dentist where I was told I need a root canal, two crowns, two fillings replaced & oh let's watch that spot on your tongue in case it's cancer. I think it might be nap time for me too!

  2. You even texted with ME! Hey btw....yeah i burned that soup. I kept it on low all night and it was too much. Bummer. It smelled good there for awhile.

  3. Gator hide there's something to shave your legs for! You would rock you some gator hide boots.

  4. Sounds like a nice walk. I slept all of about 4 hours. Up late sorting thru old clothes, which really could have been done today, guess I just wasn't tired... oh, but I am now!

  5. Taekwondo. I had to sit through six years of classes when our daughter was in it. She got s black belt and went to Junior Nationals and quite frankly, my butt is still sore from sitting in bleachers watching her fight. Great sport though and a great community of people. Avoid the Kimchee though!

    I got in a late walk too. Yay us!

  6. A bra-worthy event! What a brilliant way to discern whether a thing is worth it or not!

  7. Carolyn- Gotta be good to get me into a bra and into a car.

    The Bug- This is not great news. I hope you woke up with a good attitude. I would be tempted to just not wake up. Period. I hope with all my heart that all will be well.

    SJ- Golly. Beans will scorch. I'm sorry. Try again, honey. Beans are the true staff of life.

    Yobobe- And if I wore tights with them, I wouldn't even have to shave my legs!

    Crystal Chick- Good Lord! I'd have to be on drugs to stay up late and sort through clothes.

    Mr. Downtown- I know. She never met a secret she didn't tell immediately. And yet- we love her so.

    Heartinhand- Oh yeah! That's how you spell it! Ha! Hank went to karate for years and got his black belt. So yes, I remember those days of bench sitting.

    Angella- You know me. Bras are not my friend. I can't wait until I'm in my eighties and just forgo them entirely. Or, you know, die, at which point I'll never have to wear another. Which is one awesome thing about death in my opinion.

  8. sounds like a good time--and I can just see those fat tadpoles. Still hot here but I know that fall is coming.


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