Monday, September 30, 2013


Maybe I don't need a life. Maybe I just need the one I have. Yep. I'm pretty sure that's true. I can barely keep up with this tiny, little life that I already have. The one where I get really excited when the ginger lilies bloom.
But seriously- did you SEE those ginger lilies?
I'll take another picture tomorrow, just in case you missed them. No really. I don't mind.

It was a good, full day. I did take my walk where I ran into The Sheik. He said, "You're late this morning. I've already walked two miles."
"Well, you win," I said. "You're the boss of me."
He laughed. It's sort of comforting to live in a village where people keep their eyes out for each other. I like to think that if I went into the woods for that part of my walk and didn't come out, someone might notice and go look for me although probably not. It's a nice thought, though.

After my walk I went to town and had lunch with Old Freddy and since he's turning 27 this week, he really is old now. I love having lunch with Freddy. We sit and talk for a long, long time. We hardly agree on anything. We're as different as night and day. But neither one of us takes it personally and we just laugh at each other and we laugh at ourselves, too, which may be the key. He's about to start filming his fifth feature-length film and as always, I am mind-boggled. He just does it. I'm not sure how, but he does. I think we both really respect each other. Another key.

I ran a few errands and then took Mr. Moon out to the airport to pick up his rental car to go to auction. I dashed into Costco for frozen berries and breakfast bars and AA batteries and sampled the Angus cheeseburger. Those things have crack in them. I swear to you- I don't eat a beef hamburger from one year to the next but when Costco has those things out I get so excited that I get a hot flash. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. I would NEVER buy a bag or a box or whatever massive container of them they sell at the Costco, never in this lifetime, but if they're out for samples, do not get in my way. I'll knock your ass over to get mine first. And THEN I had to go to Publix to get bananas and milk because I didn't want a bunch of bananas the size of a Volkswagen and I didn't want a flat of milk. Just a half gallon.

By the time I got home, got everything unloaded, got Mr. Moon's road snack bag ready as well as his coffee drink and made his laundry-basket-sized bowl of popcorn in the Whirley Pop (and if you eat popcorn and do not have a Whirley Pop, you need to remedy that situation immediately so google that shit) and got him on the road, I thought I might die of exhaustion. And all I'd done was run a few errands and have lunch and take a little walk! This is the reason I don't have a life. Because I'm too tired. I sometimes claim that I get so tired because I almost died from Mono when I was sixteen and sometimes I claim I'm so tired because Lily never let me sleep for more than two hours at a time for the first two years of her life, but for whatever reason, I do seem to need a lot of sleep.

It's raining gently now and I have clean sheets on my bed. I can't wait to go get in it. Tomorrow I will have the boys and then again on Thursday and Friday so it will end up being a pretty full week for me. I miss those boys bad. Lily sent me a picture of Owen today after he dressed himself.

I don't know if you can tell, but he's wearing his new Rolling Stones T-shirt and a new pair of jeans. Oh, that boy. He is growing so very, very fast. I did talk to Gibson on the phone the other day, briefly. I said, "Hey Gibson! It's MerMer!" and he said, "Boppa?"
I sighed and said, "I'll let you talk to him."

So okay. This is my life. It ain't bad. So maybe I'm not living up to my full potential, whatever that might be. But I'm doing the best I can. I'm never going to learn to play the violin and I'm never going to, uh, bring about world peace or crochet a bedspread or feel comfortable buying make-up at the mall from those ladies wearing lab coats but I'm old enough to be mostly okay with all of that.

Sleep sweet, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. MM, I swear, I've been reading you for about a thousand years and you have NEVER EVER MADE ME A SNACK BAG. I am jealous of Mr Moon every time i read that you make him one :)

    I love Owen's t-shirt!! And his hair. He's just such a big, big boy. Love watching him grow.

  2. This was hysterical and so welcome tonight. And I have a crush on Hank for his last comment to you on your previous post. How sweet is he?? Sweet Jo

  3. right, those ladies in lab coats? they scare me.


  4. Our lives are very similar, simple and mostly joyful, with a sprinkling of Costco and Grandkids. I wish I could sleep. Sigh.

  5. SJ- Oh honey. Just go buy some Chex Mix. Ha! I would make you a snack bag. You know it.

    Sweet Jo- He's REAL sweet. My sweet boy.

    Beth Coyote- Yeah. What's up with those lab coats?

    Heartinhand- Sleeping is my best talent.

  6. My teachers always used to tell me I wasn't working to my full potential. But I was OK with that.

    I had terrible mono as a teenager too! In fact I took the SAT in the middle of mono fever. It's a wonder I got into college.

  7. Your life is so very lifey, if you will, that it's a must-read-about-it. I want every little detail. And oh, woe- the chickens! I'm not even a Catholic or an Anything but I'm going to have a chat with St. Francis about the dear chickens.

  8. I am just lazy now. After years of working and doing and all of that, I am just wanting to chill.


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