Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Post Labor Day Exhaustion

Mr. Moon called the guy who's in charge of taking out this enormous tree.
"They'll be leaving Tallahassee in thirty-forty minutes, coming your way. They're going to knock that out and get on down the road."
If they could knock that out, we already would have taken care of it. I mean- it's going to take a fleet of damn trucks just to haul away what they cut up. I am not sure how this is going to go. I dreamed last night that I left for awhile and when I came back, they had cut the tree up, turned it all into beautiful wood and built a grand outdoor pavilion.
Nice dream. Not gonna happen.

This could be exciting. I sort of wish the boys were here to watch it. I remember once when Owen was still quite young (as opposed to his old, almost-four-self now) we watched a crew take some limbs from a live oak across the street and how amazing it was. A ballet of chainsaw and man. I wanted to get the main guy's autograph when he finally came down from the tree and unbuckled himself from the safety harness. He was that sure and graceful, his every movement an intended and thought-out one, even as he danced from limb to limb without pause or hesitation.

Well, it's Tuesday, which is disconcerting. Seems like it should be Monday. Not that it matters that much to me. Every day is a bit of the same if you don't "work." There was a football game on the TV last night that Mr. Moon and our neighbor watched. FSU's first game of the season. Apparently FSU has some new quarterback who kicked ass and took names. I wouldn't know a thing about this if Facebook hadn't lit up like Times Square over it. Jesus. Tallahassee is eat-up with football fever and I could not possibly care less but there's no way to completely avoid it. Believe me. I try.
Anyway, I'm sure a lot of people have clawed their way to the office this morning, exhausted from staying up and watching the game and having a good time on their day off yesterday.
I'm exhausted because I'm always exhausted and there's no reason and I'm a little bit pissed at Diana Nyad for setting the bar so fucking high for us old ladies. You know I'm kidding but it's hard to be all, "I'm too old," when she did what she did yesterday.
I hope she got some rest last night.

I suppose I better get off my ass and do something. I'm not sure what that'll be but something. It's a pretty day and the peace of it is about to be split in half by saws although one scenario I can envision is that of those guys getting here, taking one look at that tree and saying, "Whoa! We'll have to come back with more guys, equipment and another ten or twelve trucks."

I'll let you know how it goes.

Now get to work.

Or not.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. yes, summer is over and even I have to get back to work and thankful I have a couple of small jobs to get back to work on. I do not look forward to fall football frenzy though.

  2. I had to snort at the Diana Nyad comment - ha! My defense is that she's one in a million :)

    My husband is one of those rare men who hates football. He used to play in high school & he has no fond memories of it at all. I wouldn't care if he put the game on (I don't watch TV except for baseball anyway), but he's not interested.

  3. Nyad is pretty awesome to be sure. Not many people could ever do what she has done.

    I am a foot ball atheist by the way. Don't watch it and don't want to hear about it. All the fuss for what? Seems pretty silly to me.


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