Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What In The World

Has happened to the newly weds, you might ask.
Well, they are living their life in Asheville with their new dog-daughter, Greta. I will be meeting Greta at the end of the month when Ms. Lizzie and I and perhaps (hopefully!) May will be motoring up to visit. In the meantime, here's a picture I received last night.

They were on their way home from a date night downtown where they had supper at a new taco place which Jessie claims I will love. 
I do not doubt her word.

Aren't they beautiful?

Meanwhile, back in Lloyd, it is still raining and I'm wondering if we shouldn't be thinking of packing the boat up with food and other necessary provisions. Perhaps two of all the animals we can get our hands on to ensure life on earth as we know it.

And the boys are coming and the sun is trying its damndest to show a little light through the drizzle and the drip and I had the weirdest dreams including the one where my house had a beautiful little chapel with neon-lit madonnas.

I'll wake up here in a minute. 

Love...Ms. Noah


  1. I wish we could get some rain. After spending $75 on ariel fireworks yesterday, the county instituted a burn ban and banned all aerial fireworks for the fourth. Damn. Couldn't they have done that on Monday!

  2. Hope you don't float away. It's been much rainier than usual for us too, which means it's too dry for somebody else, right? Wish the weather could share and get along nice for everyone.

    I love that picture. It radiates love and happiness.


  3. Love the photo - you'd swear it was by Rembrandt!

  4. Ohhhhhhh YES, they are so beautiful. And Jessie looks like her mama. Lucky girl!

  5. Ellen Abbott- I wonder if they'll even be able to get our fireworks lit. It's that damp.

    Mel- The weather cares not for fairness.

    Jo- It has magic, doesn't it?

    Juancho- Nope. "The Local Taco." Of course.

    Lulumarie- Maybe like I used to look. Sigh.

  6. I wouldn't say no to a taco themed date night right now.... *sigh*

  7. Honey-It's warm and sunny here for the foreseeable future, mighty weird. Maybe we hijacked your sun.

    The newly weds are beautiful, despite how I feel about marriage.

    XXXX B

  8. They make a beautiful couple indeed! And i do hope your weather improves, and you have lots of sunshine on Independence Day! :)

  9. They are indeed beautiful -- gorgeous, actually.

  10. Wayne- Taco-themed anything makes me happy.

    Beth Coyote- Marriage makes more sense for the young, I think.

    Mary- Doesn't matter to me if we get sun or not. I'm not planning on partying or fireworking. But I do understand that many people are hoping for a sunny day and I wish them luck.

    Elizabeth- I really do think so. Golly.

  11. Nice photo of Vergil and Jessie. Glad that they are doing well.


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