Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mrs. Baby is holding her children under her wings this morning but I can hear them and the little dark one had his head poking out for a second which was about the cutest darn thing I have ever seen in my life.

Looks like rain again but I got my walk in and it was a good walk, my feet fueled by what I was listening to which was a Stephen King short story and I may have even (possibly) yelped a little in surprise and shock at certain passages. Say what you will about Mr. King, the man can tell a story and keep you on the edge of your seat and make the miles pass quickly.

So. I just found out that there was a screening of the new Bruce Springsteen documentary here in Tallahassee last night and boy, am I pissed that I didn't know that. For those of you who have only known me for awhile, you may think that my one and only rock-and-roll obsession is Keith Richards but that is far from true and I have been in love with the Boss since I saw him in 1979 (I think) in Jacksonville, Florida, and I was wearing a purple dress and I was aware that this man, well, that boy actually, was deserving and more of all the hype which had been going on about him and which had made me disdainful (the new Bob Dylan? I don't think so, I thought) and I had never seen energy like that in any sense of the word in my life and I will love him through eternity.
So yes, I wanted to see the movie, I want to see the movie and I will see the movie.

Here's the trailer.

Maybe it'll be showing in Asheville while I'm there and I'll force everyone to go see it with me.
Reason to live, baby. Reason to live.

But I have plenty of reason to live, actually, and do not feel particularly crazy today and am going to town to meet my Hank for lunch.

I need to pick green beans and I need to make sourdough bread and I need to do laundry and I need to take a shower and I have two new dresses and my husband will be home tonight and next week I'll be visiting my Jessie and her Vergil and I'll be with Lis and May in the incredibly and indescribably hipster-cool town of Asheville, North Carolina and I think we're having a party for Billy and Shayla on the Sunday after I get back, and well, you know, life is pretty sweet at this moment in time.
I just gathered two warm eggs and nine ripe figs.
I couldn't feel richer if rubies were falling from the sky.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Say hi to Hank for me! Such an awesome being.

  2. 2 warm eggs and 9 ripe figs. Hell yes life is sweet.

  3. "But I have plenty of reason to live, actually, and do not feel particularly crazy today..."

    You make me smile. And I'm with you on The Boss.

    (word verification=hertymen. Ouch)


  4. You know, it's funny how we were all convinced that Miss/Mrs. Baby was a confirmed bachelorette hen but wasn't she the sly one. Sneaking off for days at a time, nesting and laying in vain (so we thought) and all the while, Elvis was not immune to her charms. I think you should write a book about Ms. Baby, The Little Banty That Could.


  5. I saw the movie last night -- and well, you know -- it was so Bruce and it was nearly orgasmic. As usual. I can't wait for you to see it.

  6. Always fun to trip over here and read what's going on ...

    1979 was a good year for music ~ Bruce, Rod and Dr. Hook ~ Sharing the Night Together... loved that song

    nice post for a rainy day thinking of the music and remembering I wasn't old then...

    love your header picture

  7. well, my comment on this post somehow ended up on the previous post. guess I need to pay better attention.

  8. I worked in downtown Asheville for 5 years & of all the cities I've known I love Asheville best. I sure didn't appreciate it enough when I lived there!

  9. My figs are still green. So jealous.

  10. Angella- He is awesome, isn't he?

    Ms. Yo- Absolutely.

    Invisigal- "Hertymen." Oh, I could name a few. And maybe that book should be called, "The Little Banty That DID."

    Elizabeth- Orgasmic? Yes. I believe you with every one of my delicate nerve endings. Can't wait.

    Carolyn- Well, for me it was The Year I Saw Bruce.

    Ellen Abbott- We've all done that, believe me.

    The Bug- Hello, dear! I bet you miss that crazy hipster town! Thanks for coming by.

    Madame Rebecca- I think of you EVERY TIME I even think about a fig. I am not kidding at all.

    Lynne- They will ripen in their own time. This we know.

  11. I bet the Bruce movie will make its way through Tallahassee again. I mean, with FSU there, tons of people must want to see it. Right?!

  12. I will be up in western NC from August 3 to August 10. Just chillin' near Boone. I hope that I'm wanting to go when the time occurs. Yesterday, I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything, but today is different. Thank goodness.


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